Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the most popular type of natural gemstone, and they come in a range or beautiful colors. The delicately cream hues thrill lovers while their round shapes make them perfect for any occasion
Cultured Pearls were created to allow people who couldn’t afford these precious pieces before access with increased affordability thanks also because it’s easier than accessing unprocessed gems which can be damaged during transportation Culturally important regions offer even more opportunities when looking into purchasing new jewelry items made from cultivated freshwater pearl

What Are Freshwater Pearls

As their name implies, freshwater pearls form in natural locations such as rivers, lakes and streams. Generally you can find them in China and the United States. Each freshwater mussle is capable of creating multiple pearls at once, making these pearls generally more available and affordable. This does not take away from their lustrousness or their desirability. 

Defining Characteristics

Every type of pearl has its defining characteristics that set it apart from others. Freshwater pearls are no exception. 


Freshwater pearls come in a wide range of sizes. They vary from 3mm to 12mm in size. The larger ones are more expensive because of their rarity and they are priced based on their size – not their weight (unlike diamonds). 


One of the biggest reason for Saltwater Pearls’ popularity is the big range of colors available. Saltwater Pearls also generally produce brighter, richer colors that typically command a greater price. 


Perfectly round pearls are valuable. Freshwater pearls are also exceptionally desired because some pearls come in off-round and oval shapes. Freshwater pearls can sometimes make for unique jewelry pieces like pendants and earrings. 


Like their color, freshwater pearls have a satiny lustre. They have a softer glow because of their salty origins.