Diamond Color

Diamond color

What is diamond color? 

It is very rare to find a 100% colorless diamond. Diamonds come in many different colors including yellow, black, pink, green, gray, and even white. A diamond’s valuation is partly determined by a diamond’s absence of color. 

Diamond Color Bullet Points To Consider 

  • Color grading should only be verified by a certified grading professional – like a GIA certified gemologist.
  • A ring’s metal can impact the final “look” of a diamond’s color.
  • Color is more visible in larger diamonds. 
  • Some diamonds hide color better than others depending on their shape. 
  • Fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare – only about 1 in 10,000 stones possess natural color, with more intense colored stones being even rarer. This increases their desirability and cost. 
  • The diamond grading scale works backwards in the alphabet with L-Z containing lots of color and D being considered colorless (see below)

G.I.A. Color Grading Scale

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides the industry standard for diamond color grading that most jewelers use. At Yamron, we work with GIA certified diamonds almost exclusively when creating any custom jewelry or purchasing diamonds from our clients. We do this because of the legitimacy that the GIA certificate brings to each stone. Below is a brief summary of the G.I.A.’s  diamond color grading scale and whether or not Yamron Jewelers works with this quality of stone. 

Diamond color

Color grading of diamonds from highest to lowest...

D Color Diamonds – These diamonds are completely colorless. They are the highest color grade a stone can receive. These stones are extremely rare and desirable. 

E Color Diamonds – The difference between D and E color diamonds is virtually undetectable by the human eye. The only way to tell is through specialized grading equipment. This is still a rare and desirable stone.

F Color Diamonds – Only a trained gemologist would be able to catch the differences between an F and E/D color diamonds. These differences are visible under a loupe and other specialized equipment. 

G Color Diamonds – These diamonds are nearly colorless with only a slight warmth to them when compared side by side to an F-D colored diamond. Most diamonds sold are within this range of color quality.

H – K Color Diamonds – These diamonds are nearly colorless and have warmth when compared side by side to G color Diamonds. On higher carat diamonds, these may provide good alternatives that are not directly visible to the naked untrained eye. 

L-Z Color Diamonds – These diamonds have a visible warm tint to them. Generally at Yamron Jewelers we avoid working with these types of diamonds – except where feasible to include them as small accent stones that promote a larger central diamond stone. 

What Diamond Should You Buy?

Creating the jewelry piece of your dream can take many different forms. At Yamron Jewelers, when discussing diamonds that you should purchase – the biggest conversation to be had is the design and aesthetic that you are looking for. Our certified gemologist will take your ideas and incorporate it into a design sketch. Once you agree on a look and feel to your jewelry – we will then get to work accessing diamonds from across the globe and finding exactly the right stones to bring your piece to life. 

When we find the stones – we always offer you better / best options. This gives you the piece of mind knowing that you are receiving the absolute best quality, and value out of your timeless jewelry creation.

Can you color grade my current jewelry?

Yes! With our certified gemologist on staff we can provide you with an accurate representation of your current jewelry collection. If you would like an official G.I.A. certification our team can facilitate sending your stone/s to be certified. To learn more, we invite you to stop by with your jewelry Monday – Friday and ask for Linda Phe. 

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