Diamond Education

Diamond Education

The 4Cs of Diamonds
The four C’s represent the most influential parts and characteristics of any diamond. They are the cornerstone by which all diamonds are graded and priced on the open market. If you learn to understand the 4Cs – you become empowered to make informed decisions when buying and custom ordering any diamond jewelry. With our diamond education, you will come to understand the fundamentals of each. 

Diamond Education


The most crucial component in any diamond – cut impacts a diamond’s sparkle and pricing.
Learn About Diamond Cut


The less color a diamond has, the better quality of stone. It’s the second most important component.
Learn About Diamond Color

Diamond Education


Microscopic imperfections impact the price of a diamond, particularly in higher carat stones.
Learn About Diamond Clarity

Diamond Education


Carat refers to the total weight of your diamond – and not its size as often thought or suggested.
Learn About Diamond Carats


The shape of a diamond impacts the overall price of a piece of jewelry’s manufacturing cost.
Learn About Diamond Shape


Yamron Jewelers can provide GIA diamond certification for any jewelry sold or made by our team.
Learn About Diamond Certification


Yamron Jewelers is committed to providing the absolute highest quality diamonds and jewelry anywhere in the Naples, FL area. We source stones from only the most reputable establishments and require that all jewelry being accepted into our storefront come with a GIA diamond certificate. For any custom jewelry pieces – we only accept GIA certified diamonds. If you are interested in bringing in an existing diamond to have transformed into your next piece of dream jewelry, we can get it GIA certified upon request. Our goal is to present you with one-of-a-kind diamonds that will last a lifetime, and be worthy of living on in your legacy for decades. 

Diamond Education

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