Diamond Certification

Diamond certification

Why should I get my diamonds certified? 

Diamond certification is how you can ensure you are getting the highest quality diamond and validating its attributes with a globally recognized certification association. It is like the CARFAX for your diamond. With a certification, you can rest assured that your diamond is a) real and authentic & b) provides you the maximum value for your jewelry and/or investment. 

Who is G.I.A. and why does Yamron work with them over others? 

G.I.A. or Gemological Institute of America is the premiere association for diamond certification and grading in the United States. G.I.A. provides the industry standard for grading, reporting, and verifying of diamond attributes. At Yamron, we are committed to working as often and as much as we can with G.I.A. certified diamonds and stones. Our team has a G.I.A. certified gemologist on staff who is trained on the various requirements needed to professionally and methodically assess diamonds and stones.