Diamond Carat

What is the diamond carat? 

The diamond carat is often misunderstood. A carat refers to a diamond’s total weight and not its size. This can lead to a misconception that all larger carat diamonds are better and more expensive than some smaller sized stones. A diamond with a bigger carat but a less desirable cut can cost less than a smaller carat diamond with a better cut. Also, the cut of a diamond can contribute to smaller diamonds looking bigger because of their preciseness and shine. 

Things to consider about diamond carat weight

  • A better cut may be more prominent than a bigger carat weight – meaning the stone may appear of bigger size because of shine.
  • Fancy shapes cost less per carat weight. This is because their unique cuts require less weight of the original diamond crystal than a fuller sized round diamond for example.
  • Ring size will make a diamond look bigger and/or smaller. The larger a ring is, the smaller a diamond may look. 
  • Jewelry setting impacts the overall carat weight necessary to round out a piece. A solitaire setting for example may require a different minimum carat than a three stone setting. 
  •  Carat weight is measured in increments of 0.25 grams of diamond. You may consider a slightly smaller carat weight in order to bring a piece together. For example, a smaller accent stone may allow you to put in a bigger center stone and vice-versa. It is more about what you desire the aesthetic of your jewelry piece to be. 
  • You can leverage something called Carat Total Weight (CTTW) in order to make your piece more customized to your liking. CCTW refers to the total weight of stones in the entirety of a piece. For example, a 3 carat CTTW can be split into a 1.5 carat center and two .75 carat side stones. 

Grading scale of diamond cuts

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