Diamond Shape

What is diamond shape? 

Technically speaking, shape is the geometric outline and overall form of a diamond. Every diamond has it’s own specific characteristics that create its rating – however shape refers to the attributes that relate to a diamond’s measurements. 

Different types of diamond shapes

There are approximately 10 different styles/types of diamond shapes. Ultimately, the shape you desire most is what you should use with your jewelry (especially custom made pieces). There are however special types of shapes that are timeless to certain special life events. You can read more about that in our editorial section The Luxury Note

Are Shape and Cut the same thing?

By definition a diamond shape and cut are two different things. In conversation, however – the terms are use interchangeably. Shape relates to a diamond’s dimensions. Cut relates to a diamonds measurements (facets, proportions, dimensions and reflective qualities that create the sparkle). 

The relationship between shape and price

The shape of a diamond plays an important part in considering a stone for your jewelry. It will directly influence the price of a stone because of how its complexities affect the overall manufacturing cost to reach those particular dimensions. 

For example, it is much more difficult to create a circular shaped diamond than some others. The round appearance of the stone makes it remarkable brilliant and increases its market demand – thus impacting the price when compared to stones of similar carat and cut. 

Which diamond shape best suits my hands?

The combinations and possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a diamond shape. It can become overwhelming to try and decide on a shape of a stone, and then pair that with an appropriate style of ring setting. 

Luckily – we’ve got you covered. Below are two great reference articles from our editorial section, The Luxury Note – that cover more on types of diamond shapes and the best ring styles for every hand. 

If you find yourself needing more – you are more than welcome to visit us at our boutique in Naples, FL and receive in person assistance on diamond purchasing and jewelry creation!