Diamond Cut

What is the cut of a diamond? 

A diamond’s cut refers to the proportional aesthetic of the stone’s dimensions to create its sparkle and brilliance. The cut is the diamond’s dimensions and proportions along the smooth edges. As a whole, it is what creates the sparkles and glimmer because of how the diamond refracts light. It is also why a diamond’s cut is the most expensive factor in purchasing. 

How does diamond cut impact the cost of your jewelry? 

Cut on a diamond is the most important factor in determining cost because it is the hardest endeavor to achieve. The diamond has to be cut precisely and then polished many times over in order to achieve straight edges that are perfectly proportional to one another. The higher quality the cut, the more expensive the process is. This is why better cut diamonds with lesser carats may cost more than diamonds with lower cut qualities. 

Grading scale of diamond cuts

For simplicity, we will use a poor, good, very good, exceptional scale. Each represents a different category of cut. Remember this is irrespective of the carat or color of the diamond. 

– Poor/Fair: At this rating, the diamond lets in the most light and the diamond appears either dull or glassy.

– Good: At this rating, the diamond starts to refract light, there is a sparkle to the stone but you can still see parts of the diamond interior. 

– Very good: At this level, your diamond is refracts a lot of light, and there is noticeable sparkle to the stone. 

– Exceptional: The diamond has a perfect cut that reflects almost 100% of light that hits it. 

How Yamron Determines Diamond Cut Grades

Yamron relies on the industry leader GIA to certify it’s high-end diamonds. For security purposes, we post/provide certificates upon request. 

The anatomy of a diamond

There are several sections to a diamond that all come together to create the perfect stone for your jewelry. 

Table: This is the largest single side of the diamond and encompasses the top edge of your stone.

Crown: The top space of your diamond between the girdle and the top of the diamond. This is the surface area of the diamond that most people are going to see when you show off your beautiful jewelry. 

Girdle: The center point of your diamond that forms the circumference of the stone. It is the widest edge of the stone and is where the top section of the diamond begins to slant down.

Diameter: The measurement of one edge of the diamond’s girdle to the other. Represents the widest points of a stone. 

Pavilion: The bottom half of a diamond that goes from the Girdle to the tip of the diamond called the Cutlet. 

Cutlet: The absolute bottom edge of the diamond. The highest quality cutlets require special instruments to see the actual edge of the diamond. 

Depth: The measurement of the diamond’s height from the Cutlet to the Table

What is the best cut that I can purchase?

When considering diamonds, the best cut available is one that refracts almost 100% of light shined directly at it. This cut makes a diamond look almost colorless and provides the greatest shine and brightness. When planning any custom jewelry, the cut of your diamond is the greatest consideration to the cost of creating your jewelry. 

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