What To Expect at New York Fashion Week 2022

One of the most fashionable weeks of the year in New York City is approaching. New York Fashion Week kicks off Feb. 11 and includes events through Feb. 16 and, despite COVID numbers, is going to be primarily in-person (though a few notable designers have opted out of attending due to the pandemic). Here’s what to expect at new york fashion week 2022

The Who, What, When and Where

Showcasing designer looks for the Fall 2022 season, the event takes place at primarily Spring Studios, though other related events will be taking place in tandem, all across Manhattan. A very long list of designers is expected to be in attendance, but some of the most recognizable include Christian Siriano, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Alice + Olivia, Tory Burch, Tom Ford and more. Beyond the primary presentations, other designers will be showing their Fall 2022 collections by appointment. Additionally, other designers are presenting strictly via a digital format.

Once again, New York Fashion Week will run in conjunction with New York Men’s Day on Feb. 11, at Canoe Studios.

While some designers are sitting out of this year’s event as a pandemic precaution, attendees can rest assured that all attendees are required to be vaccinated.

What to Wear

What To Expect at New York Fashion Week 2022

However, while New York Fashion Week is, of course, always looking several months into the future, you’ll see attendees at the February event wearing the trends that we saw on the runway last year, during the fall iteration of New York Fashion Week, which focused on Spring 2022 collections. So which of those runway trends can you expect to actually see on attendees and which should you wear? Here are a few of the top trending design choices.


Make room in your closet for your jumpsuits’ more form-fitting siblings. Catsuits are taking over, with new spring options from an array of designers, from Balenciaga to Burberry to Saint Laurent. You can find catsuits in a bevy of styles, too, whether you just want a sleek black look, or you’d rather go bold with big florals, glitter or animal prints.

Midriff-Revealing Tops

Quite a few styles in a range of designers’ Spring 2022 collections feature midriff-bearing looks. Crop tops, tube tops, bikini-style tops and beyond — it’s now in vogue to show off your stomach. You may just need to add another ab day to your workout routine.

Black and White Patterns

Black and white is a classic color combo that’s never gone out of style, but now designers are getting a little more playful with the color combo across the board. Think black and white polka dots, animal prints, big bold stripes, etcetera. So, if you’re going to don your favorite black and white ensemble this season, just make sure it’s eye-catching rather than the same ol’ thing.


Maybe add another leg day to the weekly workout schedule as well? Designers have paired shorts with an array of upgraded options, such as blazers, blouses and overcoats. These are not your casual sit-at-home shorts. Think careful fabric choices and tailored fits.


Fringe is back in a big way — just make sure you’re doing it right. Designers have added fringe fabric in heaping masses to a variety of pieces, including dresses, skirts, sweaters and more.


Knitwear remains in style in just about every way you can wear it, but spring collections included a lot of knitwear that’s a far cry from your typical big, chunky, oversized sweater. Instead, designers went for a fitted look, with form-fitting knit sweaters and dresses.

Whatever you wear to Fashion Week, though, make sure it’s good. The street style game is serious business during this week. Even if you don’t attend a single show, just people watching the attendees on the streets during this time can be a big reveal as to what’s popular both now and upcoming.

Want to Watch?

While many of the shows are closed off to the public, there are a few public shows that you can attend with a ticket. Check the full calendar of public events on the NY Fashion Week website. There’s also an adjacent Art Hearts Fashion show running simultaneously that’s open to the public, and you can purchase tickets starting at just $65 for this experience. Your ticket gets you into the shows, as well as after parties.

If you can’t attend New York Fashion Week in person, the next best thing is to watch the livestream. You can typically find livestreams of individual runway shows provided by individual designers. However, most of the show will likewise be live-streamed on the event website, NYFW.com.

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