How to Care for Your Designer Handbag (A Step Style Guide)

You love your designer handbag and take it everywhere, but it’s important to remember, as you scrabble for a seat for your Chanel bag on the subway or plop your Louis Vuitton tote in the grass at the park, that a luxury bag is an investment, one that needs special care. Just like you care […]

8 Anniversary Gifts for Your Sweetheart: A Modern Take on Old Traditions

You’re likely familiar with the tradition of giving your spouse an anniversary gift based around a certain theme corresponding with the number of years you’ve been married. It’s an age-old practice that’s meant to represent the strengthening of your relationship with age (that’s why the theme starts out as paper during your first year of […]

What Kind of Luxury Jewelry Collections Should You Invest In?

If you’re looking to start a luxury jewelry collection, you may feel a little overwhelmed, which is understandable. With so many different types of jewelry available, how do you start a collection that reflects your individual style, while ensuring that you invest in a collection that will retain its value over the years? If you’ve […]

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Naples, FL Anytime Of The Year

By the time spring rolls around, most travelers have had their fill of snow and slush, single-digit temperatures and scraping ice from their windshields — and that’s precisely why so many flock to Florida, for our constantly sunny skies and beautiful beaches. But, as you likely know, Florida’s a big state and the travel experience you enjoy on one […]