Gemology 101: Pink Diamonds (Why Have They Become So Rare?)

In general, though, you can expect pink diamonds to be more expensive the greater the intensity of the color, the greater the size, the higher the clarity and the better the cut for enhancing the color. Often, cushion and radiant cuts are most popular for pink diamonds.   One of the most valuable pink diamonds […]

A Guide to Buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Handbag

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a pre-owned luxury handbag. In fact, the pre-owned luxury market is growing rapidly, with fashion fans everywhere realizing that purchasing pre-owned items allows you to build your luxury collection faster and more affordably, while still enjoying the same amazing quality and brands you know and love.  But, as is […]

How to Care for Your Designer Handbag (A Step Style Guide)

You love your designer handbag and take it everywhere, but it’s important to remember, as you scrabble for a seat for your Chanel bag on the subway or plop your Louis Vuitton tote in the grass at the park, that a luxury bag is an investment, one that needs special care. Just like you care […]

5 Times You Should Buy Pre-Owned Jewelry Instead of New

You might be under the assumption that new is always better, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are many times when you might want to purchase pre-owned jewelry instead of new pieces. Here are five of those times, plus what you should look for when purchasing pre-owned jewelry of any kind. Buy pre-owned jewelry […]