What Kind of Luxury Jewelry Collections Should You Invest In?


What kind of luxury jewelry collections should you invest in? If you’re looking to start a luxury jewelry collection, you may feel a little overwhelmed, which is understandable. With so many different types of jewelry available, how do you start a collection that reflects your individual style, while ensuring that you invest in a collection that will retain its value over the years? 

If you’ve already read our article on everything you need to start your own personalized jewelry collection, and you’ve identified the basic types of jewelry you enjoy, it’s time to branch out into the various types of luxury jewelry collections you might want to invest in. Here are some of our
favorite options.

1. Luxury Watches

Important Watch Terms to Know

A suitable choice for both men and women, a luxury watch collection is a nice pick for many luxury jewelry aficionados who aren’t necessarily heavy jewelry wearers. They might not wear earrings or necklaces every day, but they do like a functional piece of jewelry that works with just about any outfit, ie, a luxury watch.

You can find luxury watches in every shape, style and precious metal, from a range of high-end brands, so your options are near-endless. Plus, because watches are so versatile an accessory, you need very little styling experience in order to make them work with your wardrobe. In other words, if it’s ease you’re after, luxury watches are a good choice for a luxury jewelry collection.

2. Vintage or Antique Jewelry

What Kind of Luxury Jewelry Collections Should You Invest In?

Technically a piece of jewelry that’s at least 50 years old, vintage and antique jewelry is a popular choice for collectors who love the thrill of the hunt. You never know when or where or how you’ll stumble upon a gorgeous piece of antique jewelry, from broaches to bracelets. You can find an array of jewelry that you’d never see in a modern retailer today, too, which only adds to the appeal for some collectors, especially those looking for eccentric or unusual pieces.

You may see some vintage or antique jewelry referred to as “estate” jewelry, in which case the piece was pre-owned and typically considered of some high value or significance.

Do keep in mind, though, that if you start a vintage or antique jewelry collection, the value of your collection will fluctuate over time, depending on which decades are in vogue at any particular moment. During some periods, Art Deco jewelry could be in demand, while in others, everyone could be after Victorian jewelry.

3. Designer Jewelry

What Kind of Luxury Jewelry Collections Should You Invest In?

Of course, you can find a range of designer jewelry scattered through a multitude of jewelry collection “types,” but you may decide to base your jewelry collection entirely around a particular designer or brand, or group of designers or brands. You may choose to go this route if you find yourself consistently drawn to the same designer over and over again.

To decide if you’d like to base your jewelry collection around a particular designer, take a look at some of the most popular — Bvlgari, Piaget, Cartier, Harry Winston, the list could go on for quite a while. See what they offer and if there are any you like in particular.

Not sure where to even start? A La Maison Yamron consultant can help guide you to a designer or brand based on your individual tastes.

4. Art Jewelry

What Kind of Luxury Jewelry Collections Should You Invest In?

Art jewelry is a rather new mode of jewelry making (at least compared to the very long, long history of jewelry), but one that’s gaining attraction in certain circles. Rather than merely being an attractive or fashionable piece, art jewelry attempts to convey, much like a piece of art, some sort of story, mood or idea. Think of it as art disguised as accessory.

You can often find art jewelry tucked away at galleries or museums, but there’s nothing preventing you from starting your own art jewelry collection, if you know where to look.

5. Jewelry Featuring a Certain Material, Stone or Precious Metal

Just like you might decide to start a luxury jewelry collection based entirely around a certain designer or group of designers, you may likewise decide to start a luxury jewelry collection based around a certain material, stone or precious metal you prefer.

Going beyond simple silver and gold, you may choose to focus on diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry, colored gemstones — such as emeralds or rubies — or even jewelry featuring rarer stones, such as tanzanite or black opal.

6. High-Value Jewelry

What Kind of Luxury Jewelry Collections Should You Invest In?

For some jewelry connoisseurs, though, it’s all about the resale value. If you’re building your jewelry collection around what you feel will fetch the highest price if you ever decide to resell your pieces, you can rest easy sticking with some of the most well-known jewelry brands around the world, including Tiffany & Co, Cartier, David Yurman, Van Cleef & Arpels and Harry Winston. As for picking individual items with the highest possible value, a La Maison Yamron team member can assist you in settling on
a purchase.

Even if you’re not looking to, or expecting to, resell your pieces in the future, it’s worth considering that luxury jewelry is an investment, and, as is the case with all investments, it’s nice to get your money’s worth on something that will appreciate in value.

Love the Jewelry You’re Seeing?
Before you begin shopping…

Tip 1: Don’t Restrict Yourself Before You’re Ready

Don’t feel like you absolutely must choose a certain jewelry collection theme right when you start your collection. If you’re relatively new to the world of luxury jewelry, you may need a little time to get your feet wet, so to speak, and try on a few things before you really get a feel for the type and style of jewelry that meshes well with your personality and tastes.

Tip 2: See the Pieces in Person, If You Can

While it’s not always possible, if you can see the pieces that you’re interested in before you make a purchase, you’ll be better off. That vintage broach you love online may not look the same in person, or that unique artsy designer piece that you passed by online might be what you love most when you’re standing over the jewelry case.

Just like you wouldn’t purchase a piece of property without seeing it in-person, you’ll always make smarter purchases when you see your jewelry investments in person before making that purchase, too.

Tip 3: Only Work with the Pros 

Of course, the best way to ensure that you’re making a smart purchasing decision for your jewelry collection, no matter what stage your jewelry collection is at, either long-established or brand-new, is to only work with professional, knowledgeable jewelers. The team at La Maison Yamron is steeped in industry knowledge and we can assist with any questions you may have about building your jewelry collection, as well as with any questions on individual pieces.

Stopping in to Yamron is Your First Step to Building Your Dream Jewelry Collection

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