Summer Jewelry You Can Wear Now

Struggling to find ways to incorporate your favorite jewelry pieces into your summer wardrobe? Doing so can be more difficult than you think, especially as you begin to wear fabrics, cuts and styles of clothing that you wouldn’t throughout the rest of the year. Your oversized diamond-encrusted brooch may look a little over-the-top pinned to your favorite sundress, while your emerald earrings may just not work with a simpler shorts-and-tee combo the way they did with your favorite chunky sweater.

To help you find the perfect summer jewelry look, we’ve pulled together a few tips, tricks and recommendations, all from the pros at La Maison Yamron, your destination for luxurious and fine jewelry in Naples, Florida.

1. Minimal Clothing, Minimal Jewelry

When the sun comes out, the clothes start coming off — at least to some degree. Whether or not you’re ready to bare your midriff or don a super-short sundress, you’ve likely tucked away some of your larger, bulkier clothing items for the season. Chunky sweaters and cardigans are stored away, turtlenecks are gone for the summer, and if you live in the right climate, your jeans may be away for summer as well. So, as you swap out heavier fashions and fabrics for lighter, breezier options, bare shoulders and arms, and a little bit of leg, remember that you may need to swap out your jewelry choices, too.

While big, bold winter fashion pieces work well with bigger, bolder pieces of jewelry, those jewelry pieces could easily overwhelm a fluttery linen top or a shoulder-baring dress. Opt to play it safe with some minimal jewelry pieces this summer (at least where size is concerned), before you experiment with more daring, larger pieces. And, when you do start adding larger pieces into your rotation, opt for one large piece versus a whole set of large pieces — in other words, choose between a chunky bracelet, dangling earrings or a choker, and wear one, versus wearing all three at one time.

2. Let the Season Inspire You

Just because you’re going with smaller, more delicate jewelry pieces during the summer season, that hardly means that your jewelry needs to be boring. Instead, summer allows you a little extra leeway to get fun with your jewelry choices. Let the season inspire you and add in hues and gemstones that reflect the blue waters, bright sunshine and vibrant flowers all around. Blues, ambers, reds, yellows — these are all great colors to add a pop of fun to your summertime jewelry.

3. Get Brave with Your Fine Gems, Metals
& Other Materials

Just like you may want to mix up your jewelry collection’s color palette this season, you can get creative with your stones, materials and metals, too, as you add in jewelry featuring coral, amethyst, turquoise, pearls and abalone shell. You can find a range of jewelry featuring these materials, from rings to bracelets, earrings to pendants.

4. Use Your Jewelry to Upgrade Your Casual Summer Outfits

From the office to brunch to date night, everything’s a little more casual during the summer, so use your jewelry to add a little glam to your favorite outfit. Add some turquoise earrings atop an all-white tennis ensemble. Sport a fun coral necklace with your favorite blue sundress. Even a polo and capris can be improved with a slender rose gold bracelet and matching necklace.

Just remember — the hotter and somewhat stickier conditions of summer can mean that pieces from your jewelry collection may not fit the way they did in the winter. That doesn’t mean that you should exclude that piece from your collection or that you can’t wear it again — you just may need to reserve a piece for wearing when you know you’ll be indoors all day.

5. Tune in to This Season’s Jewelry Trends…

Every season comes with its own fashion trends, and those trends extend to jewelry as well. If you like to remain on trend regardless of the season, you’ll want to pay close attention to what the fashion experts are expecting to be big this summer.

For necklaces, stacking is becoming a big trend — so, if you want to go maximalist in one area of your outfit, this is where to start. Stack a few minimalist necklaces to make the maximum impact. Just remember — if you go big and over the top with your necklaces, you can go smaller and more delicate with your other accessories.

Anklets are also coming back into fashion. Accentuate your pedicure and favorite pair of sandals with a chic, colorful anklet. This is one piece of jewelry that can add a bit of luxury to even the most casual outfit, right down to your beachwear.

An unexpected jewelry trend that’s popping up this season? Sunglasses chains. But these are not your mother’s glasses chains (though we can’t deny the convenience of having your glasses or sunglasses always ready and waiting around your neck). Instead, they take the previously drab accessory and make it high fashion, with gold, colorful beads, resin and more. You can now find glasses chains offered by some of your favorite high fashion brands, such as Gucci and Fendi.

6. But Also Look to the Past

While it can be fun to jump on the latest jewelry trends, one place you can always go to find great summer jewelry? The past. Vintage jewelry is reliable for offering bright spring and summer-ready hues, as well as fun materials and shapes that you might not be able to find as easily  from new designers and brands.

Look for vibrant yellow, red and green hues among Art Deco collections. Milk glass is a popular material used in jewelry pieces from the 1940s and 1950s, and the white glass makes an interesting and eye-catching alternative to pearls. For even more fun materials that aren’t exactly as easy to find these days, look for coral glass beads on pieces from the 1920s.


Here are Some of Our Favorite Summer Pieces

Ready to start shopping?

If you’re in need of a single chunky bracelet to offset your favorite summer dress, why not try this Bulgari Diva Mother of Pearl bracelet? If you’re looking for something smaller and classic, you can’t go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet.

Want a vibrant and head-turning necklace? This Bulgari 18K diamond, emerald and turquoise Serpenti snake head necklace does the trick. For something ready for stacking, try this Art Deco platinum enamel pendant watch necklace.

You can also channel the spirit of summer with a beautiful brooch, like this diamond and multi-color sapphire turtle pin, or this Tiffany & Co emerald and sapphire pin and earring set.

The Yamron Team is Here To Help

Whatever your style, whatever your current jewelry collection, La Maison Yamron is here to help you complete your summer look. From the latest summer styles to vintage pieces to classic looks that you can wear all year long, we offer a bit of it all, both online and at our Naples showroom. Stop in today to browse our options or reach out for more information. You can give us a call at 239 596 2732 or send us an email, at