Shopping for Wedding Anniversaries: 25 Years and Beyond

Wedding anniversaries 25 years and beyond

Shopping for wedding anniversaries 25 years and beyond? You might be scratching your head, trying to think of a good gift for your favorite person. However, finding inspiration for the perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard (even if you’ve been married for 25 years or more and feel like you’ve run out of ideas!). For decades (and even centuries in some cases), couples have followed set gift-giving traditions, honoring one another with themed gifts that become more extravagant the longer you’ve been married. You’ll find both older and modern traditions if you do a little research, but whichever tradition you go with, for whatever anniversary you’re celebrating, the traditional themes make some excellent starting points for deciding on the perfect gift.

Here are some wedding anniversary gift ideas for those celebrating anniversaries of 25 years or longer.

25 Years: The Silver Anniversary

Known as the silver anniversary, your 25-year milestone is one to celebrate in high style. After all, you’ve managed to be married for what has likely been the majority of both your lives by this point.

And, since this anniversary has been dubbed your silver anniversary, it’s just fitting that you give your favorite guy or gal a silver token of appreciation. In the Middle Ages, it was customary to celebrate this wedding milestone with a gift of a silver wreath, worn like a crown, but your spouse may not care for that. Instead, go with a piece of silver jewelry for her, or a silver watch for him.

It’s worth noting that some say the Silver Anniversary gift theme should be specifically sterling silver; however, we won’t tell if you deviate away from this trend.

30 Years: Pearl & Diamond

At 30 years, the traditional theme for your wedding anniversary gift is pearl. While you might want to deviate slightly away from pearl jewelry when shopping for a gift for him (though maybe a tropical diving trip is in order? Or at least an oyster dinner!), there are plenteous options for pearl jewelry for her, no matter her tastes.

You can go classic, with something like this pearl and diamond necklace. You can also go with something a little more unusual and eye-catching, like this platinum diamond and black pearl ring.

In contrast, the modern 30-year anniversary gift is diamonds. If you don’t want to wait until the big 60th anniversary to gift your sweetheart a gorgeous piece of diamond jewelry, go modern this year, with a diamond theme versus pearl.

35 Years: Coral & Jade

For the 35-year wedding anniversary, the themes differ according to whether you’re going traditional all the way or contemporary. The traditional theme is coral, while the contemporary, modern theme is jade.

If you’re shopping for him, now’s another good opportunity to take him on that tropical diving trip, but if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry to add to your own anniversary wish list, you have a range of options. Just for starters, you could go traditional with this David Webb diamond and coral ring, this Van Cleef & Arpels coral and diamond ring, or this Seaman Schepps red coral pyramid bracelet.

If you prefer jade, why not consider this diamond, jade and pearl pin, or this Ulysses Nardin Classico Jade lady’s wristwatch?

40 Years: Ruby

At year 40, things are getting even more serious. You’ve come through thick and thin together. You’ve spent decades together. You’ve nearly spent half a century together! Celebrate it with all the glamor of a gorgeous ruby.

Luckily for you, rubies are all the rage right now and you’ll find a ton of options for ruby jewelry pieces, whether you want something brand-new or even a vintage piece, like this Art Deco platinum, diamond and ruby ring.

45 Years: Sapphire

Sapphires are another trending gemstone, and you can find lots of vibrantly colored sapphire jewelry to celebrate your 45 years of marriage.

From diamond and sapphire earrings, to sapphire and diamond rings, to bracelets and necklaces, no matter what your preferred type of jewelry, we have something on offer for you.

50 Years: Gold

The Golden Anniversary of 50 years married is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated in myriad ways, not just with gifts and jewelry. Yes, make sure to give your sweetheart that amazing piece of gold jewelry or a gold watch, in their favorite fashion, but don’t forget to go all out in other ways, too. If there was ever a time to throw a big bash in celebration of yourselves, it’s now!

Fun fact: just like medieval husbands would give their wives silver wreath crowns at their 25th anniversaries, they would do the same at their 50th anniversaries, just with gold wreath crowns instead of silver.

55 Years: Emerald

Emeralds, much like rubies and sapphires, are in high demand as a vibrantly colored gemstone that remains in high fashion long after the gifts have been unwrapped. And just like with sapphires and rubies, you’ll have no trouble finding many, many options for emerald jewelry gifts. Consider this diamond and emerald eternity band, this Harry Winston Colombian emerald and diamond ring or this Piranesi emerald and diamond necklace.

60 Years: Diamond

If you’ve made it to your 60th anniversary, you are one of the lucky few couples to reach this monumental milestone. Congratulations! There’s no gemstone that can celebrate your love in all its romantic glory quite like diamonds can. After all, you likely started your long path to and through marriage with a diamond engagement ring, and now you can celebrate your love again with a diamond gift at your 60th anniversary.

But did you make it to your 60th anniversary and you already gave your sweetheart a diamond for your 30th anniversary? No worries whatsoever. The modern themes call for diamonds to be given at two anniversaries, both at your 30th-year milestone and your 60th-year milestone, so go ahead and pick out that perfect piece of diamond jewelry. You won’t be committing any serious gift-giving faux pas. 

Do I Have to Follow the
Anniversary Theme for My Gift?

Not at all! Remember — some of these traditions have just been passed down through time, like the silver and gold gifts from medieval ages, while others weren’t even really a thing until 1937, when the American National Retail Jeweler Association (today’s Jewelers of America) published a list of suggested gifts, and everyone hopped on board.

If you’ve been married for 25 years or longer, you already know your spouse’s tastes and preferences, so if you want to deviate away from the list, don’t be afraid to do so. The list is just a starting point to help spark your gift-giving inspiration.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Anniversary Gift?

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