Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

When it comes to jewelry, women’s pieces generally get a lot more love and attention — not to mention, there are seemingly just so many more options for women’s jewelry versus men’s jewelry. And so, the dapper man can feel slightly left out when it comes to shopping around for the perfect accessory. However, if you’ve been considering adding a few new items to your jewelry box and you just aren’t sure where to start, take heart. There are many options for the jewelry-wearing, fashionable man — and these are the 7 jewelry pieces every man should own, as well as a few tips for wearing them.

1. Watches, watches and more watches

Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

It’s safe to say that most, if not all, men have a watch in their nightstand or on their dresser, even if they don’t really consider themselves to be the jewelry-wearing type. A good watch is a key accessory for any fashionable guy.

You’ll want to have at least one watch that you wear with dressier outfits, such as suits, or to the office, but then one watch that you can wear in more low-key situations, such as when hiking or boating, or just on the weekends. For the latter, look for a watch with all of the protection you’ll need in any type of related situation, such as a watch that can withstand certain depths of water, sweating or impact.

Peruse the men’s watches options on the Yamron website. You’ll find an array of styles from top brands such as BVLGARI, whether you want something a little more classic and understated, like the BVLGARI OCTO ROMA Watch, or something a little more flashy, like the unisex BVLGARI SERPENTI SPIGA Watch.

2. A ring

You don’t need necessarily a ton of rings if that’s not your thing, but it’s nice to have at least one or two in your jewelry collection. Obviously, if you’re married, a wedding ring is a must — and don’t settle for just a plain gold or silver band if that’s not your style. You can find a range of wedding bands for men these days, made from a range of materials, with something to fit every look.

Otherwise, look to fashion rings with simple stones and designs, such as signet rings, and be sure to pick the right ring shape and size for your hand size and finger length. This is something a trusted jeweler can assist with.

3. Cufflinks

Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

If you work in a business setting where suits are the normal, everyday attire, cufflinks — and multiple pairs of them — are a must, but even if you rarely wear a suit, you’ll still want at least one or two pairs to have when you do end up needing them.

Much like men’s watches and rings, you can find cufflinks in a wide array of styles, so look for something that truly speaks to you. Don’t settle for a style that doesn’t feel authentic to you. Just, of course, pay attention to quality and opt for cuff links that’ll last, versus a cheap option that just gets the job done.

4. A tie clip, chain or bar

Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

Another must-have for any man that works in an office, a tie clip is just the thing to add a little pizzazz to your everyday work attire. And, much like cufflinks, tie clips come in an array of styles, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

5. A cuff

Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

Today’s fashionable man typically steers clear of your traditional men’s chain bracelet, but that doesn’t mean bracelets for men are off the table completely. Metal and leather cuffs are entirely in style and can work with both dressier and more casual outfits, depending on the design and material.

6. A chain necklace

And while chain bracelets may not be a top pick for most men, chain necklaces are still a staple, when worn correctly. Understated silver and gold chains can work well with even the most casual outfits.

A Few Key Tips…

– This is not the time to go big or go home.

When it comes to men’s jewelry, minimalism is your friend. Go with a few classic, understated pieces and one statement piece, so as not to overwhelm your look.

– Balance your look appropriately.

Again, you don’t want to overdo it, so when you combine jewelry pieces, make sure they’re balanced appropriately. This means, if you’re wearing a wedding or signet ring on one hand, add  a bracelet to the other. 

– Don’t mix and match your metals.

You also want to avoid mixing and matching your metals. If you’re wearing a silver watch, don’t wear a gold ring on the same hand. It’s easiest, when you begin building your jewelry collection, that you decide from the start what metal or style you gravitate toward, and then build your jewelry collection around it. That way, the majority of your collection will reflect one metal and style, so less thought goes into creating your look. 

– Keep things comfy.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your jewelry, you won’t wear it. That’s why it’s important to try on pieces before you purchase them. 

Can you imagine wearing that larger ring as you sit at your computer and type all day? Is that casual watch going to feel sweaty and gross after you’ve been out in the sun for an afternoon? Think about how and when you’ll wear your jewelry, and whether or not you’ll actually enjoy it. You may find that you love wearing items that don’t get in the way, such as cuff links or earrings, but that you don’t particularly enjoy pieces that dangle or move, like statement bracelets. 

– Invest in quality.

Additionally, opt for high-end, high-quality and luxury jewelry over cheaper options. When it comes to jewelry, you really can tell the difference in quality, especially in person, so refrain from simply adding that on-sale piece to your shopping cart, just because it looks great online. 

– Enlist a trusted partner. 

Along those lines, work with a trusted jeweler, preferably in person, who can help you find pieces that not only fit your personal style, but that also fit your budget, while still retaining a high level of quality.

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