Jewelry and Gemstone Collections – What’s Next For 2022

Jewelry and Gemstone Collections - What's Next For 2022

Colored Stones

As an aspiring jewelry and gemstone aficionado and/or collector, you want to be on top of the latest trends and, just like with fashion, the trends for an upcoming jewelry season are often predicted well in advance. As we near the end of 2021 then, it’s time to take a look at the gemstone and jewelry trends for 2022, so you can plan your upcoming purchases accordingly.

We spoke with Yamron gemologist Melissa Stein to get her predictions for the year, but are likewise looking at recent runway trends to determine what you can expect to be wearing just a few months
from now.

Melissa’s Predictions for 2022’s Hottest Gemstones

Jewelry and Gemstone Collections - What's Next For 2022

“Trend predictions for the upcoming 2022 season include warm feminine jewel tones and cool Mediterranean blues and greens. This trend has been creeping up slowly for the last two years in go-to, smaller, everyday stacking pieces to an occasional engagement ring or wedding band. Possibly, this trend diverged from the full-spectrum, hugely popular rainbow jewelry of ROYGBIV, but it has been pared down to focus on the two opposing ends of the color spectrum, chuffing off the in-between colors,”
– Melissa says.

“From the rare red lustiness of a fine Burmese ruby or the soft yellow, pink and orange hues of an exotic Padparadscha sapphire starring as the centerpiece in an engagement ring, to impressively-sized cocktail rings and statement necklaces displaying large, fine aquamarines, intensely-colored Paraiba tourmalines and even soft green amethysts — the upcoming season will have a varied and eye-catching color palette,” she continues. “My personal trending prediction centers on rubellite being the next hotly-requested gemstone.”

Not Familiar with Rubellite?

Melissa explains further.
Jewelry and Gemstone Collections - What's Next For 2022

“Rubellite is a variety of tourmaline that often displays beautiful and interesting candy-like color combinations,” she says. “Rubellites show a wide range of color combinations, including, but not limited to, pink to red, red-orange and purplish-pink. Rubellite offers collectors many options, too, as the gemstone is available from petite melee to extremely large gemstones, and rubellite gemstones are cut into a broad variety of shapes, including beads and carvings.”

So, now that you know what gemstones to stock up on — from warm feminine jewel tones in pinks and reds, to cool Mediterranean blues and greens — how can you best wear them? And what do you pair them with?

“If the runways are any indication, you might be pairing your rubellite with pearls next season. Fashion designers have also indicated that color is big, big, big going into the next year.”

Melissa Stein

Runway and Industry Predictions for 2022

The Istanbul Jewelry Show likewise gave its predictions for next year, and they line up nicely with Melissa, too, noting that pink, blue and green stones are going to be all the rage. However, whereas Melissa narrowed down her choice of trending tourmaline to the beautiful rubellite, those at the Istanbul Jewelry Show chose paraiba tourmaline as their top pick for the upcoming year, with nods to spinel, alexandrite and green garnet as well.

Whoever’s word you take, though, one thing is for certain: colors are going big and bold going into 2022, and you’d do well to stay ahead of the curve and outfit your jewelry box with bright hues sooner rather than later.

How to Wear Your 2022 Jewelry and Gems

But on to how to actually wear those jewelry pieces and gems that you’ve managed to find before they get really popular, with their bold colors and big vibrancy. Turns out, in terms of actual settings and jewelry styles, things will be just as big and bold as they are when it comes to the gemstones.

Predictions include…

  • Big, chunky chokers that are like a throwback to the 90s (but with low-rise, hip-hugging jeans making a comeback, too, are you really surprised?)
  • Signet rings that you’ll be able to find in new varieties, but that you might want to look for first among your vintage jewelry
  • Personalized pieces that are, again, a throwback to an earlier era, with charms and nameplate necklaces, initials and more on the rise
  • Floral motifs, which will work very well with the predictions for big, bright gemstones in pinks, greens, blues, purples and reds
  • Pendant necklaces, though those aren’t really anything new, and have been trending for a while now

What Does Your 2022 Jewelry and Gemstones Say About You?

What would you imagine the mood might be for 2022’s collection of new jewelry — across the board, from most designers?

National Jeweler, an industry publication, recently published an article on the seven sentiments predicted to shape 2022 jewelry trends and these sentiments include positivity, love, resilience, authenticity, wisdom, obsession and statement — all themes that vibrant gemstones will play off of to great success.

Fine jewelry is a work of art and, as any avid collector knows, a work of art comes with a story, an emotion, a vibe. Typically, jewelry comes with a certain sentiment or theme (for example, the way that the Harry Winston ‘Winston with Love’ collection is separated into four themes that reflect the first light of affection, passionate obsession, ultimate vow and eternity together — all themes that tie into the overarching theme of love). Jewelry sentiments tend to trend as well, reflecting the mood of an age. .

Ready to Round Out Your Collection?

If you’re ready to round out your jewelry collection with pieces that fit 2022’s upcoming themes and trends, both in gemstones and jewelry styles, Yamron has a few suggestions.

For that pop of color, the Robert Procop platinum diamond, sapphire and emerald American Glamour necklace incorporates those Mediterranean greens and blues. If you’d rather follow the floral trend than that of big, bold colors, you might prefer, however, the Robert Procop 18K royal princess flower necklace with diamond flowers.

To blend both the floral theme and some Mediterranean hues, take a look at these blue sapphire and diamond flower earrings. If you’d prefer those warm, feminine tones instead, though, you can’t go wrong with these spectacular Robert Procop Celebration earrings with their purple and pink sapphires. Robert Procop offers something similar with a purple sapphire Celebration ring.

Wherever your interests and tastes in jewelry lie, though, you can find something you’re sure to love among the Yamron collection — and the Yamron team is here to help you find that special piece that quickly becomes your favorite. Even if you’re not quite sure where to start looking, we’ll use our years of experience in the jewelry industry and our expert knowledge of upcoming and past jewelry trends to assist you along every step of your buying process — and then afterward, too, when it’s time to maintain and care for your jewelry.

Talk with one of our luxury jewelry experts to learn more today, by giving us a call at 239-592-7707 or email at If you’re in Naples, stop by our showroom to speak with one of our team members in person.