How to Layer Your Favorite Necklaces Bracelets and Rings (Mini Series Part 3)

How to Layer Your Favorite Necklaces Bracelets and Rings (Mini Series Part 3)

Layered jewelry is all the rage right now, from long boho-inspired necklaces to stacked rings to chunky gold links to big bangles, but this is one trend that you need to get right for full effect — and it’s a trend that’s all too easy to get wrong. How can you best layer your favorite necklaces, bracelets and rings for a stylish look without getting into gaudy territory? The Yamron team has a few tips.

How To Layer Rings

Layering rings is a little trickier. After all, you only have so much finger to work with.

Build on the basics

A good place to start when layering rings is with the basics: plain bands. Mix and match bands and don’t be afraid to mix and match metals as well. While you might not want to mix metals when layering pieces that are as large and visible as necklaces, rings are one area where you’re safe to do so while still keeping stylish.

Take your other jewelry into consideration

Since your rings are going to appear so close to your bracelets or watches on the same hand, you want to take those pieces into consideration as well. If you’re stacking a lot of rings, you may not want to stack your bracelets, and vice versa. Similarly, you want to keep the same theme/style across both your bracelets and rings. If you’re going minimalist and industrial with your bracelet look, do the same with your rings.

Layer across several fingers

Don’t keep your layering to just one finger. Cluster your rings across several fingers for a more comprehensive look. Try one or two rings on one finger, one or two on the next and so on.

Try a hand piece

Why not try a hand piece to add even more fun to your layered ring look? A hand piece is like a bracelet-ring combo. You have a bracelet, and then a chain that comes up and slides over your finger (usually the middle finger), for a look that’s difficult to replicate otherwise.

Take Your Jewelry Layering to the Next Level

Want to layer beyond your rings, bracelets and necklaces? You can take your jewelry layering to the next level by layering your earrings as well. Don’t think that you need to add in extra piercings to make it possible, though. An ear cuff will sit in the middle of your ear and provide a little extra color and style to your look, easily. Pair a plain gold or silver, or a diamond-covered, ear cuff with drop earrings for an elegant, yet edgy, look.

The Right Layers Start with the Right Jewelry

How to Layer Your Favorite Necklaces Bracelets and Rings (Mini Series Part 3)

But before you can begin layering all of your favorite pieces, you need the right pieces to create the right look. The jewelry professionals at Yamron can help you style the perfect jewelry collection, whether you want to go big and bold, or more understated and elegant.

Peruse our many jewelry options online, on the Yamron website, or visit our Naples location to see our selections in person.


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