How to Layer Your Favorite Necklaces Bracelets and Rings

How to Layer Your Favorite Necklaces Bracelets and Rings
Layered jewelry is all the rage right now, from long boho-inspired necklaces to stacked rings to chunky gold links to big bangles, but this is one trend that you need to get right for full effect — and it’s a trend that’s all too easy to get wrong. How can you best layer your favorite necklaces, bracelets and rings for a stylish look without getting into gaudy territory? The Yamron team has a few tips.

How to Layer Bracelets

How to Layer Your Favorite Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings

Bracelets are a little bit easier to layer than necklaces. While you might need to take your sleeve length into consideration as you’re styling your layered bracelet look, you don’t have to take things like length into consideration, as you do when layering necklaces.

Pick One Satement Bracelet

For your layered bracelets, you’ll want to pick one statement piece — like a bright, wide bangle — and then layer other, smaller bracelets around it. You can still wear more bangles, of course, but go for more delicate, thinner options, so that your statement piece remains just that — front and center.

Pair a watch with your bracelet

One fun look for layering bracelets? Add in a watch. A bold watch can act as your statement piece when paired with other, smaller bracelets that aren’t as wide. Think a heavier gold watch paired with a pearl and gold bracelet or a silver watch with a pearl bracelet and a diamond tennis bracelet.

Stack the Same Bracelets

How to Layer Your Favorite Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings

One of the simplest ways to easily layer your bracelets is to just stack the same types of bracelets. If you find a thin gold bangle you really love, stack four or five of them for a cohesive look.

You’ll also want to only layer two or three necklaces if you’re not following a theme and if you’re instead pairing very different pieces together. Otherwise, your look may end up as more overwhelming than eye-catching.

Mix Casual With Luxury

While you can’t always do this with necklaces, stacked bracelets are somewhere you can be a little more experimental, so try mixing casual bracelets (think beads or unique or unusual materials) with more luxurious bracelets, such as designer options or precious gems.

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