12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

You might be still sweating away by the pool, but fall is quickly approaching and, with it, all the amazing fall jewelry trends. Start stocking your jewelry box now with the hottest looks for autumn, with these recommendations from top fashion publications such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar. 12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

1. Charming Charms

Yes, charms have been in fashion for all of this year, but things are really heating up in the fall months with charms appearing on all your favorite jewelry and other accessories. While charm bracelets are all well and good, get ready to see charm bracelets in other places, too, from purses to zippers to necklaces and beyond. It’s easy to see why this trend is popular, though; charms are an excellent way to show off your personal style and for personalizing a piece.

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

2. Nature Inspiration

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

Another year-long trend that’s just going to keep getting bigger and bolder as we move into the fall months, nature-inspired jewelry will be all the rage. Think lots of flora and fauna-inspired designs in oversized looks, from earrings to bracelets to necklaces. While flowers in an array of gemstone hues will keep you en vogue, also look to less incorporated, more natural materials that are popping up alongside this trend, such as opal, pearls and coral.

3. Bangles, Bangles, and More Bangles

Somewhat new on the scene for the season, bangles are big on the fall fashion runways, so expect them to start appearing in your life more and more as we get into the cooler months. A nod to the maximalist trend that’s been ebbing and flowing over the last few years, bangles can be stacked and mixed and matched on a whim, for a bold look that’s really all the jewelry you need with some outfits. However, if you don’t care for maximalism, you can still enjoy adding a single bangle or two to your favorite sweater dress or workwear.

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

4. The Chains Continue

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

Chains have been big over the summer and that’s just expected to continue on into the fall and winter. Chains are fantastic for any jewelry collection because they’re so versatile and come in so many different variants. Whether you want big and bold, small and delicate, long or short, gold or silver, adorned or plain, you can find a chain that fits your exact preferences. If you haven’t invested in this jewelry trend yet, now’s the time, because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

5. Big and Bold

As you’ve probably noticed with a lot of these trends, big and bold is in across the board. No matter if you’re looking at floral-inspired designs, chains or charms, the bigger seems to be the better on the runway for this season. If you do decide to go with an oversized necklace, bracelet or bangles, or even dangly earrings, just be sure to not overdo things — unless you’ve managed to nail that maximalist look.

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

6. Chokers a la 1990s

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

The 1990s are reappearing just about everywhere you look. From fashion to interior design, there’s quite a lot out there that may just make you feel like you’re having a flashback to three decades ago. One of the biggest 1990s jewelry trends that reappeared this year? The choker. If you were hoping this trend was gone with the changing of the seasons, we’ve got bad news. It’s here to stay for the time being.

7. Sculpture Elements

This particular fall fashion trend is a breath of fresh air. Sculptural pieces are artistic, unique and eye-catching, whether they incorporate precious metals or some of that plastic and glass discussed above, or whether those elements are used to create bangles, drop earrings or necklaces. So, don’t be afraid to embrace your artsy side this fall, as you explore this new and still growing trend.

8. A Splash of Sparkle

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

If you’re always up for a bit of bedazzling, you’ll love this particular trend. Big sparkles are in, wherever you want to use them. Pieces that would’ve felt over the top or gauche a few years ago are being embraced on the runway. Whether you’re dreaming of a diamond-covered choker or a cascading waterfall of diamond drop earrings, go ahead and embrace that shine for the season, before it falls out of favor again.

9. Mix Your Metals

While, a few seasons ago, fashion publications would’ve warned you against mixing and matching your metals in one piece or even on one hand, when stacking bracelets or rings, now, those same publications are telling you to do the opposite. Mixed metal jewelry is making it a-okay to combine your silver and gold, copper and rose gold, whatever you like.

10. Multi-Finger Rings

Why go with one finger when two is always better? Multi-ring fingers have never really gotten a ton of love in the mainstream, but maybe this fall is the time to change that. They’re certainly popping up on the runways more and more, alongside big and bold cocktail rings. Sure, they may be a little unwieldy at first, but, once you get used to them, you may just find you never want to go back to traditional statement rings again.

11. Reinvented Hoops

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

We all likely have an old pair of plain, classic, thin hoops in the backs of our jewelry boxes. While this season may not be the best time to break out that particular pair of hoops, it may be time to reconsider how you think of hoops overall. Designers are reinventing the hoop for a new generation, using new materials, textures and shapes, for elevated looks that are a certain upgrade.

12. Vintage Finds

Now you have a perfect excuse to attend that auction or just go antiquing to see what you discover. Vintage jewelry finds are fast favorites, as designers are breaking out their vintage collections and finding new love. For the best vintage designer pieces, talk to your jeweler about where and how to source some of these rare and coveted pieces.

12 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

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