8 Anniversary Gifts for Your Sweetheart

8 Anniversary Gifts for Your Sweetheart

You’re likely familiar with the tradition of giving your spouse an anniversary gift based around a certain theme corresponding with the number of years you’ve been married. It’s an age-old practice that’s meant to represent the strengthening of your relationship with age (that’s why the theme starts out as paper during your first year of marriage, and then moves on to more substantial substances later on, like gold, silver and platinum).

But today’s modern couple may find it difficult to stick to these themes. While they’re certainly a nice idea and everyone loves a fun tradition, how many spouses really want a cotton-themed gift for their second anniversary? Not many.

Thankfully, times have changed and if you do want to follow this hallowed tradition of anniversary gift themes, you can now do so with a little more flexibility. As wedding platform The Knot explains, beyond the traditional list of anniversary gift themes, you can now also find modern gift themes, as well as color and gemstone themes for each year.

So, let’s take a look at a few themes for milestone anniversaries and see how you can turn those themes into luxurious gifts your spouse will love. Who knows? You may just decide you don’t need to wait for a certain anniversary to come around, or even for an anniversary to come around at all — these gifts are great for giving to your beloved on any special occasion.

1. First Anniversary:
Paper, Clocks and Gold

Your first anniversary is a special one. You’ve just spent an entire year living with the woman or man of your dreams. While the first year is often considered a honeymoon phase, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, so when you reach this first milestone, it’s worth celebrating with flair.

While the traditional first anniversary present is paper, and the modern variant is clocks, we like the color and gemstone themes of gold. A pair of 18k tri-gold diamond Cartier earrings is a nice gift for her. For him, maybe do go with the modern clock theme, with a stylish, luxury timepiece.

2. Fifth Anniversary:
Wood, Silverware, Blue and Sapphire

By the time your fifth anniversary rolls around, you’ve likely settled into a groove with your spouse and you’re probably experiencing several big life milestones together, from buying a house to having a first child. The fifth anniversary themes are wood, silverware, blue and sapphire.

If you really want to make a lasting impression on your husband or wife, we recommend going with a striking piece of sapphire jewelry for this anniversary (or any occasion). La Maison Yamron offers a wide array of estate sapphire pieces, from this Harry Winston sapphire and citrine necklace to this 18kwg diamond and sapphire butterfly pin.

Think your man won’t care for sapphire jewelry? There’s no need to go extra-flashy with his gift. Instead, go with a high-end watch that features a sapphire crystal, like this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph.

3. Tenth Anniversary:
Aluminum, Diamonds and Silver

The symbolism of aluminum as the traditional gift for the 10-year anniversary is thoughtful — aluminum will never rust, much like your marriage by this point — but it’s probably going to be difficult finding an aluminum-based gift that your spouse actually really wants. So, go with the modern variants of diamonds and silver.

The Cartier 18kwg diamond love bracelet is an excellent choice for her, while a men’s silver watch (this year’s focus is on the color, not necessarily the precious metal, so white gold fits the bill) is a nice choice for him.

4. Twentieth Anniversary:
China, Platinum and Emeralds

Two decades is a long time to spend with another person. While you could celebrate with some delicate China, why not go a little more bold, with platinum and emeralds?

Ask your Yamron representative about platinum jewelry options for men, and also peruse our emerald jewelry for women. Whether you’re looking for a bold pair of Art Deco emerald and diamond earrings, like this pair from Tiffany & Co., or something more low-key and modern, like this Panthere de Cartier diamond and emerald ring, you’re sure to find something you love.

5. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary:
Silver, Silver, Silver

After you pass up the twentieth anniversary, the themes for both traditional and modern anniversary gifts skip to the more major milestones, like the 25th anniversary, 50th and so on. For the 25th anniversary, both modern and traditional themes are all about the silver. A 25th anniversary bash is known as a silver jubilee and you’ll need the gifts to match. You can find a range of silver jewelry for both men and women both on the Yamron website and when you stop into our Naples showroom at The Waterside Shops

6. Thirtieth Anniversary:
Pearls, Diamonds and Green

The good thing about the 30th anniversary, is that it gives you a lot of variables to play with. Maybe you want to go with the traditional gift of pearls. Maybe you want to go with the modern gift of diamonds (after all, one can never have enough diamonds). Maybe you want to embrace the color theme and go with a green, emerald gift.

Whatever you choose, a Yamron rep can help you find it. If you’re shopping specifically for her, we particularly like both this Bvlgari Diva Mother of Pearl bracelet and these David Webb diamond and South Sea pearl earrings.

7. Fiftieth Anniversary:
Gold, Gold, Gold

Once you hit that 50th milestone, it’s time to celebrate with — what else? — gold! But don’t think that if you’re shopping for a significant anniversary like this that you’re stuck with old-fashioned jewelry or yellow gold. You can find gold jewelry that fits an array of styles and tastes, whether you want a white gold watch for your husband or you’re looking for a rose gold ring for your wife.

8. Sixtieth Anniversary:
Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamond

Are you catching on to a trend here? These larger anniversaries all refer back to some of the most precious, luxurious metals and gemstones one can find. If you’re looking for a unique piece of diamond jewelry for your significant other, whether for a 60th anniversary, any anniversary or any occasion at all, you’ll find plenty of options at Yamron.

Ready to Start Shopping?

Shopping for an anniversary gift is no easy matter and a certain level of care is required. This is no instance when you want to just throw something together at the last minute. Start planning now for your upcoming wedding anniversary, so that you can ‘wow’ your spouse with a gift they’ll cherish forever.

A Yamron expert can help you find that perfect anniversary gift. Whether you’re shopping for him or her, whatever their tastes, we’re sure to have something within our extensive collection of jewelry. Reach out online, stop in our Naples showroom or book an appointment for a later date. Whatever works best for your schedule, we’re here to accommodate.

With some care and advance shopping, you’ll be sure to delight your spouse with their new piece of jewelry on your upcoming anniversary.