What Makes Seaman Schepps Jewelry So Special?

The Seaman Schepps jewelry brand is special for a variety of reasons. The brand’s long history and notable client list, the unique use of semi-precious gemstones and naturally derived elements, all lend the brand a one-of-a-kind place in the jewelry world. Wear a Seaman Schepps piece and you’re certain to turn heads. But do you know everything you should about this iconic brand?

Seaman Schepps’ Quick History

Seaman Schepps is named after the brand’s founder, who was born in New York City in 1881. While the very first Seaman Schepps boutique was not located in the Big Apple (it was located in California instead), the Schepps family opened its first New York City outpost in the 1920s. Despite going through hard times, such as the Great Depression, the Schepps brand had firmly cemented itself within the American fashion industry in the early 20th century, and the brand’s longevity would earn Schepps the title of America’s Court Jeweler. In addition to serving clients such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Schepps also served American royalty such as the Rockefeller family, and even royalty overseas, including the Duchess of Windsor.

Seaman Schepps Today

Now, you can still find a Seaman Schepps flagship location in New York City, on Madison Avenue, but also outposts in popular luxury vacation destinations such as Nantucket and Palm Beach — and, of course, at Yamron Jewelers in Naples, Florida. You can browse the full Yamron Seaman Schepps collection online, at yamron.com, but you can also stop into our showroom to see the pieces in person.

For just a taste of what you can expect, check out these unique options, all of which are prime examples of the type of work Seaman Schepps has become known for, and indicative of everything that makes Seaman Schepps so special:

Seaman Schepps Bodrum Bracelet in Jade & Ruby
Seaman Schepps Canton Earrings in Jade & Ruby
Seaman Schepps Multi Baroque Necklace Featuring Multi-Colored Semi-Precious Stones and Pearls
Seaman Schepps Lapis Large Link Hand-Carved Bracelet
Seaman Schepps Sand Dollar Earrings with Blue Topaz and White Gold