What is an East-West Setting?

What is an East-West Setting?

You’ve heard of solitaire settings and pave settings, the single-stone claw and bezel setting — but what about the east-west setting? If you’re looking for a truly unique diamond setting for an engagement ring (or any other ring!), this is one growing setting trend that you’ll want to consider.

An east-west setting takes traditional diamonds cut in traditional shapes — such as ovals, pears, emerald, marquise or cushion — and then flips them sideways. So, for example, instead of your elongated diamond running perpendicular to your band, now it’s running parallel. The result is an unexpected, modern look that’s sure to turn heads. The setting works well with plain bands, pave bands, side stones and halos; whatever you like in a more traditional setting, you can do it with the east-west variant.

Despite whether or not you’ve familiarized yourself with this setting before, you won’t find it terribly difficult to locate jewelers and designers that offer it. Many popular brands, especially more modern designers (as compared to some of the more traditional retailers), offer at least one or two east-west setting options. You’ll even find that some designers offer men’s engagement rings with an east-west setting.

Could this setting be the best fit for your next ring purchase? Talk to the Yamron jewelers today, to learn more about the east-west settings available at our Naples boutique. Give us a call at 239-592-7707 or an email at info@yamron.ue1.rapydapps.cloud, or stop in today at 555 Tamiami Trail N, #11, Naples, FL 34108.

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