Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Watch

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If you’re in the market for your first luxury watch, you might just be a tad overwhelmed. After all, switching from buying affordable fashion watches to high-end, luxury timepieces is quite the change. There’s a lot of watch lingo that you may not know and you may not be familiar with many luxury watch brands beyond the few standard names in the biz, such as Rolex.

So how do you navigate shopping for your very first luxury watch? How do you ensure that you’re thrilled with your purchase for years to come, and not regretfully wishing you’d bought something else?

Here are a few top tips from fashion experts at publications like Harlem World Magazine and Gear Patrol.

1. Don’t feel intimidated.

While it’s easy to feel intimidated and, yes, overwhelmed, you don’t necessarily need to feel that way. With a little bit of research (the Yamron blog is a good place to start!) and after talking to an experienced jeweler, you’ll feel far more confident going into your purchasing decision.

Remember — every horological collector started somewhere. Not everyone had a watch-loving dad or grandpa showing them the ropes. Just ask questions, show respect to the pros and you’ll do just fine.

2. Decide on your budget.

Before you start perusing your various options, you need to decide on a budget. While budgets aren’t exactly fun while shopping, they will ensure that you don’t end up pining over a watch that’s way out of reach, while also ensuring you don’t regret a watch purchase when you’re staring down your bank statement at the end of the month. Decide what you’re comfortable spending and then stick to browsing in that price range. Remember — you can always up your watch budget in the future.

In general, you can expect entry-level luxury watches to run somewhere between $500 and $1,500, while mid-range watches can go up to just under $10,000. High-end watches are going to be even more expensive and it’s not uncommon for long-time watch collectors to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a singular prized timepiece.

3. Do your research and nail down the type of watch you want.

There are a lot of different watches out there. Watches aren’t all just the same. You’ve got analog watches, smart watches, divers watches, automatic and mechanical watches, dress watches, chronographs, etcetera. Do a little reading (again, the Yamron blog is a good place to start!) and decide what type of watch would best suit your lifestyle and what features you most want in a watch.

4. Consider the strap material, too.

While straps are often interchangeable, they’re still something to consider as you choose between various luxury watches. Just like the type of watch you buy will be dependent not only on your personal tastes, but also on your lifestyle, you’ll also want to take your habits into consideration when picking your watch band or strap.

For example, if you plan on wearing your watch primarily with business attire, you might go with a metal strap. If you plan on wearing your watch outdoors, and exposing it to heat, sweat and water, you might want to go with a nylon strap that can withstand that type of damage. For casual fashion, a leather watch strap might be suitable.

5. Don't become obsessed with the brand name

While there are a lot of watch brands that have received world renown — and for good reason — don’t feel like you’re stuck with one of those big, flashy brands. Explore all your options. A knowledgeable jeweler can take your tastes and budget into account and then recommend some lesser-known brands that you might also like — or even like more.
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6. Consider buying pre-owned.

If you do want a more luxurious brand that’s out of your budget, and you don’t really want to wait around until your budget increases, you might consider buying a pre-owned luxury watch. This can be a little trickier, as there are disreputable sellers online who’ll try to pass off a fake or charge you more than a watch’s value; however, if you work with a trusted jeweler with experience in the pre-owned arena, you can trust their advice on what pre-owned watches are a good investment for your collection, and which are not.

7. Consider your watch’s investment aspect.

And speaking of investments, should you be thinking of your first luxury watch purchase as one?

Many newer watch collectors who aren’t necessarily stuck on building a robust collection with a high number of timepieces will purchase a more expensive watch with the intention of reselling it later, and then using the profits to purchase their next new watch. If you’re looking to stay on trend with your watch collection, and you’re not so worried about acquiring a large number of watches, you might want to take this route.


Should You Buy a Luxury Watch?

Maybe you feel more confident about buying your first luxury watch after reading all of the above. But, maybe you also feel a little more hesitant — is a luxury watch really right for you, and your budget?

There are many, many reasons why you might decide to invest in a luxury watch. Not only will a luxury watch provide you with a higher level of quality, but you’ll also enjoy a greater longevity that you just can’t get with your standard fashion watch that runs $50 or $100. Luxury watches can truly, with the right selection and care, become family heirlooms.

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