the House of Graff

Think A Game of Thrones or Harry Potter had the ultimate Houses? Here at Yamron’s House of Graff, brilliance, quality and fire flows in both jewels and history. 

Laurence Graff, a passionate man who devoted his life to precious stones, is the subject of The House of Graff. From historical diamonds to celebrities, astronomical diamond sizes, or dazzling colors, Graff uses the inspiration of a perfectly cut diamond combined with eternal luminance to push the limits of ever-greater creativity and beauty in this piece. Renowned for the quality of the fine jewelry it creates, in particular, diamond jewels, but also emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. Graff excels in producing magnificent diamonds sourced from mines around the world.

Since its inception in the 1960s, Graff’s specific approach entails active involvement at every point of the process, from responsible sourcing of each precious stone to the delicate and careful cutting, polishing, and final setting process. Graff has also been credited with handling diamonds of extraordinary rarity and elegance throughout its existence, and has served as an inspiration to a number of high-end jewelry houses around the world for its eccentric yet wealthy clientele. As a result, Laurence Graff’s passion and unique style have has inspired generations of designers to use centuries-old techniques to preserve and enhance a diamond’s natural beauty and purity without contaminating it. This enviable experience has resulted in the development of some of the world’s most dazzling objects, such as the Graff Constellation line and the Peacock Brooch– stunning color and form combinations with exceptional pieces.

Laurence Graff, a London-born jeweler, is renowned for diamonds with unique historical pedigree and colored gems of exceptional quality, sixty years after founding his eponymous home. His eye for high-quality gemstones drew attention from the outset. His settings accentuated their natural brilliance and fire, and his emphasis on balance and proportion resulted in deceptively simplistic designs that defy fashion trends.

Graff was the first jeweler to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Industry and Export in 1973. Graff had become associated with the “all-diamond” jewel by the early 1980s, attracting an international clientele who appreciated big, stunning stones. From digging and cutting to designing and processing, the house is involved in every stage of a diamond’s life. Graff has grown from modest beginnings in London’s East End to become one of the world’s largest diamond companies, with more than 50 stores worldwide.

Laurence Graff’s enthusiasm for rare and unusual gems has led him to meet some of the world’s most famous diamonds, including the Emperor Maximilian and the Idol’s Eye, as well as the Eternal Twins, two identical 50-carat emerald-cut diamonds set into a stunning pair of earrings

the House of Graff
Graff Lesedi La Rona

Graff’s master craftsmen recently cut and polished the Graff Lesedi La Rona, a magnificent 302.37-carat square emerald-cut diamond that is the largest, highest-color, highest-clarity diamond ever accredited by the Gemological Institute of America. The Wittelsbach, a 17th-century blue diamond from India’s Golconda mines with a recorded past dating back to many European royal families, was possibly one of Graff’s most prestigious historic gems. Graff purchased this iconic 35.56-carat stone at Christie’s in London in 2008 for more than £16 million. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond was renamed the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond in 2009.

Also in 2009 was a Graff ring set with a fancy vivid pink diamond of 5.00 carats was auctioned at Christie’s Hong Kong and sold for HKD 83,540,000 — the equivalent of US$2 million per carat at the time, and the highest price-per-carat for any pink diamond. The Empress Rose, the world’s largest internally flawless Fancy Light pink diamond, and the Golden Empress, a Fancy Intense yellow diamond from Lesotho’s Leteng mine in South Africa, are two other prominent diamonds that have passed through Graff’s hands. The magnificent honey-hued 132.55-carat cushion-cut diamond, as well as two dazzling rounds and six pear-shaped diamonds, were unveiled in 2015.

Golden Empress
the House of Graff
The Graff Ruby

Graff also produced jewels set with the highest-quality-colored gems over the years. Jean-Marc Lunel, Christie’s Senior International Specialist, discovered the near-perfect 8.62 carat Burmese ruby known as “The Graff Ruby”. With a pre-sale estimate of $400,000 to $600,000, it came to auction with a widely sought-after “pigeon’s blood” red characteristic of old Burmese content and a high degree of clarity, which is uncommon in rubies. The final price reached $3.6 million after more than 20 minutes of bidding — the highest price-per-carat ruby ever sold at the time. Graff even had celebrities set trends with its own pieces: Anna Kendrick and Angelina Jolie are two A-list actors who favor Graff. At the 2018 BAFTAs, the latter famously wore a dazzling set of Graff diamond earrings weighing 32.98 carats with a full-length black gown.

Graff’s jewelry is a heavenly celebration of their imagination, with exquisite blends of diamonds and precious stones impeccably connected to create abstract harmony and timeless elegance. Even now, the brand continues to push the boundaries of unparalleled craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind designs, and impeccable engineering, with luxury boutiques around the world and a deserving spot at the annual Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show. Their designs are marked by exuberance and creative talent, showcasing years of careful attention to detail and master craftsmen’s design creativity – the very things that made the Graff name famous.

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