The Best Gemstones to Collect in 2022

The Best Gemstones to Collect in 2022

When any jewelry collector adds a piece to their collection, they look at a few key factors. Not only are they looking at current trends or for pieces that they personally like — they’re also looking at gemstone value and what’s going to retain that value over time. If you’re looking to add some new gemstones to your jewelry box this year, here are a few favorite picks that are sure to add a splash of color (and value!) to your collection.


A relatively new gemstone, discovered in the 1960s, this blue-purple stone from Tanzania reflects Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year: Veri Peri Purple. Pantone described the hue as “courageous,” with a dash of “personal inventiveness and creativity,” and that’s precisely what this lovely gemstone reflects.

Tanzanite is also incredibly rare, adding to its overall value, as the world’s tanzanite reserve exists entirely within one small plot of land near Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s estimated that the reserve will be depleted within the next two decades, so now is the time to ensure you have one of these gemstones in your collection — before they’re gone for good.

For a closer look at this gemstone, check out this platinum diamond and tanzanite ring from the Yamron collection.

Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline

As we covered in a recent blog post in our Gemology 101 series, Paraiba tourmaline is a newcomer on the gemstone scene, but it’s making big waves, especially in the luxury market. Sourced from Paraiba, Brazil, the blue-green gemstone boasts deep colors and a high value that stems from its overall rarity. While Paraiba tourmalines are more expensive than other types of tourmalines, the investment is a worthy one, thanks to the gemstone’s growing popularity, as well as the limited supply.


Amethyst is also a popular pick that can be compared to Pantone’s Veri Peri Purple, but its attractive features go beyond the color. The most valuable purple quartz, amethyst is also known for its spiritual properties, with practitioners purporting that wearing amethyst can boost positivity, promote better sleep and enhance your intuition. While the jury’s still out on whether or not these benefits are factual, we can’t deny that this gemstone is one that you need in your collection, if it’s not there already.

Prefer your gemstone set and ready to wear? Then you’ll want to take a look at this Bvlgari diamond and amethyst ring, an estate piece that’s part of the La Maison Yamron collection.


We all know rubies, but when was the last time you added a garnet to your jewelry or gemstone collection?

This typically red-hued gemstone is growing in popularity and is one of the trending options for 2022 collectors. However, don’t just settle for the traditional red garnet variant; also take a look at green garnets, which the experts at the Istanbul Jewelry Show say they expect to see more of in upcoming bracelet and necklace designs.

Want to start shopping now? Check out this diamond and garnet halo pendant, an estate necklace that’s part of the La Maison Yamron collection


The Istanbul Jewelry Show experts also expect alexandrite to be big going into this year, and a must-have for any budding collector.

This gemstone has been called an “emerald by day, ruby by night,” as its unique chemical makeup allows the stone to change colors throughout the day, depending on the lighting. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind gemstone to have among your collection.

A fine alexandrite is difficult to find, even though the rare gemstone is mined in several regions around the world, from Brazil to Russia. One fun fact about this gemstone? The Gemological Institute of America notes that this gemstone was named for Czar Alexander II of Russia, who emancipated Russia’s serfs and was assassinated in 1881.


The Best Gemstones to Collect in 2022

Beyond garnets and alexandrite, though, Istanbul Jewelry Show experts also predict spinel will be big for collectors and designers alike this season. Another red-hued gemstone that can be likened to garnets or rubies, spinel can also be found in blue, purple and green variants.

Hstorically, spinels were often confused with rubies (via the American Gem Society) and so, today, you’ll find that they’ve been used in a plethora of famous jewelry pieces. One of the most famous spinels is the Black Prince’s Ruby, a 170-carat gem that sits in the British Imperial Crown. The largest uncut spinel in the world, the gem previously adorned King Henry V’s battle helmet.

Spinels are rarer than rubies, but, despite this, are still more affordable.


Gemology 101The History of the Ruby

On that note, you can never go wrong with investing in a ruby. While these gemstones are nothing new for long-seasoned jewelry investors, for those who are just building their collections, a ruby is a must.

Burmese rubies are preferred for investment purposes, but you can also find excellent value when investing in rubies from other areas of the world, such as Madagascar and Mozambique. Rubies are generally considered one of the safest gemstone investments that you can make, as they hold their value well over time, and the market demand remains stable, even more so than the market demand for diamonds; additionally, as more rubies are mined and the world’s ruby reserves are depleted, the prices for rubies and ruby jewelry only increase.



Not to be confused with rubies, rubellite is a variety of tourmaline and, as Yamron gemologist Melissa Stein said late last year, it’s predicted to be one of the hottest and most-requested gemstones throughout the rest of 2022. Rubellites come in a range of color combinations and are often found in red, pink, red-orange and purple-pink hues, and the gemstone is typically available in a variety of sizes, and in a variety of cuts.

Ready to Round Out Your Gemstone Collection? Yamron Can Help

10 Steps On How To Start Your Fine Jewelry Collection

When making a jewelry or gemstone investment, it’s important to have a certified and experienced gemologist on your side, assisting you with the shopping process. If you’re a new gemstone collector, Yamron can help you begin to build out your collection with the latest trending gemstones, as well as the classic gemstones that form the base of any valuable collection that holds its worth over the decades. Whether you prefer the bright new colors of some of the world’s newest gemstones, like tanzanite or Paraiba tourmaline, or you prefer the classic appeal of a beautiful ruby or gorgeous garnet, we can find your collection’s perfect new fit.

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