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A lot of 1990s fashion trends are making a comeback — baggy pants, crop tops, butterfly hair clips — but one reemerging jewelry trend that we can get behind for certain? Tennis bracelets.

Once a sentimental piece of jewelry that was given as a cute (or luxurious, depending on the designer) gift and worn with many a look, tennis bracelets are showing up more and more on the arms of celebs and in influencer lists of best jewelry trends to watch.

So, what’s the deal? And how can you channel this growing trend for yourself? Keep reading to find out.

The Nostalgia Factor, Turned Upside Down

Tennis Bracelet Trends

Kashmir sapphires are separated from other sapphires by their trace elements and color. Additionally, they can be spotted in a range of Victorian and Deco pieces, when set, as these pieces would have been in vogue around the time that Kashmir sapphires were first being discovered. They’re also typically cushion cut or oval cut. As mentioned, Kashmir sapphires are known for their unique blue velvet, cornflower blue hue.

Comparatively, Ceylon or Sri Lankan sapphires are very close in quality, but also far more plentiful, meaning that you’re likely going to be able to find a Ceylon or Sri Lankan sapphire for a more
affordable price.

Australian sapphires, meanwhile, are some of the most affordable sapphires on the market, and often used by large jewelry manufacturers. Most Australian sapphires have a navy hue. Meanwhile, Montana sapphires are usually light, small and likewise affordable.

It’s Madagascar sapphires, however, that are most likely to be confused with Kashmir sapphires. The hue is similar and the material is similar. Additionally, some consumers may be confused as, occasionally, a Madagascar sapphire may list Madagascar as the stone’s origin, but then the stone may be listed as “Kashmir Type” elsewhere, for its qualities and hue. Many times, to distinguish between Madagascar and Kashmir sapphires, an expert will need to look at the gemstone’s internal make-up beneath a microscope. There, they’ll find particle patches and tracks arranged in varying patterns that can help to indicate a gemstone’s geographic origins.

How to Wear Your Favorite Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet Trends

But whatever tennis bracelet you buy (or if you dig one you wore decades ago out from the back of your jewelry box), how should you go about wearing it today? Here are a few tips and ideas.

– Go casual.

The tennis bracelet offers just enough bling and luxe to elevate an otherwise casual outfit. More and more, wearers are pairing their tennis bracelets with everyday wardrobe staples, such as leisure ware and even t-shirts and jeans.

– Mix, match and stack.

Stacking your jewelry is a trend that’s been around for a few years and stacking applies to your tennis bracelets as well. Mix and match your tennis bracelet with other bracelets in your collection, or a watch, for a stacked look that shows off an array of styles and types of jewelry.

– Dress it up.

Yes, we realize that we just said to wear your tennis bracelet with your most casual outfits, but you can also use your tennis bracelet as a preferred go-to piece of jewelry whenever you wear an outfit that’s a bit bold and larger-than-life overall. For example, if you’re wearing a metallic cocktail dress with a high neckline and long sleeves, you might not want to go overboard with your jewelry and other accessories, but a tennis bracelet is just small enough to add to the ensemble without being overbearing or
“too much.”

Shopping for a Tennis Bracelet

Don’t have a tennis bracelet to wear now? Here are a few things to look for when you do start shopping for this must-have accessory.

– Quality

A tennis bracelet gives you a mix of durability, functionality and elegance. It’s attractive and classy, while still being suitable to wear with casual clothing or even on, yes, the tennis court.

So, based on this, you want your tennis bracelet to be of high enough quality that it won’t fall apart the second you show it some action (though, keep in mind, you still don’t want to put your tennis bracelet, or any piece of jewelry for that matter, under too much stress; if you’re mountaineering or cliff jumping, you probably want to leave the jewelry at home). Look for a piece of jewelry made from a durable metal, such as gold or platinum, and diamonds or other stones known for their durability.

– Styles and settings

Today, you have so many more options in terms of styles and settings, when it comes to tennis bracelets, than you would even just a few years ago. As you consider your various options, consider your own personal style and tastes. If you like colorful jewelry, go with something colorful. If you don’t wear jewelry all that often and need something that can be worn with a variety of outfits, you may want to go with something a little more classic, like the traditional gold and diamonds.

– Size

You’re not going to wear your new tennis bracelet if it’s not comfortable and the right size for you. Work with a trusted jeweler to determine the best size bracelet for your wrist. For a tennis bracelet, you generally want the chain to be loose enough to allow the bracelet to move up and down your arm easily, but without being so loose that you’re at risk of losing it.

Find Your Perfect Tennis Bracelet
at Yamron Jewelers

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Decided that you need this classic piece of jewelry in your life? Here are a few options from Yamron.

– Yamron Collection 14k Diamond Tennis Bracelet
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– Yamron Collection Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Want something like a classic tennis bracelet like those featured above, but maybe with a modern upgrade? Here are some potential alternatives.

– Rahaminov 18k Diamond Line Bracelet
– Yamron Collection 18k Diamond & Sapphire Halo Bracelet
– Yamron Collection Platinum Diamond Bracelet

Want to see more? Stop in our Naples showroom to speak with one of our experienced jewelers! You can also give us a call at 239-592-7707 or an email at contact@yamron.ue1.rapydapps.cloud.

The expert jewelers and gemologists at Yamron are familiar with all the latest jewelry trends and can help you pick the perfect addition to your collection or a gift for that special someone, no matter if you’re shopping for a classic tennis bracelet or something new and exciting.

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