Should You Buy Luxury Items Online?

The In-Person Experience Matters in Luxury

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Should You Buy Luxury Items Online? We’ve all likely spent several nights at home (especially over the pandemic) online browsing and shopping, wine glass in hand, looking for our next best purchase. However, while you can purchase just about anything online these days, and get it delivered scary-fast, there are some things you just can’t get online — like a lot of luxury items.

If you’re purchasing new (not pre-owned) luxury items, you’ll find that you aren’t actually able to click ‘add to cart’ when it comes to things like clothing and handbags from top brands, from Chanel to Dior. Sure, you can browse all you want, but if you actually want to purchase something, you’ll need to make the trek out to a retail location.


For many luxury brands, the retail shopping experience is more than just popping into a store, grabbing what you want off the rack, checking out and then going on your way. It’s an entire experience. They want you to see, feel and understand what you’re purchasing, before you make a potentially large investment that you’ll regret later. And, sure, from a sales perspective, it just makes sense to get the customer in the door.

But the in-person experience is valuable for you, the shopper, as well. In addition to the general enjoyable experience of shopping in a luxury boutique, you also get to tap into that expertise that team members at luxury brands can offer. Often, these team members have insider information and years of experience in their industries. Whether you’re shopping for a purse, watch or engagement ring, they can help you identify what items might best suit your wishlist or current collection. They can help you identify a perfect gift for that special someone.

Establishing a relationship with those team members doesn’t just have benefits during your initial purchase, but years down the road, too. If you have a trusted team member with your favorite luxury brand or at your favorite boutique, they can let you know when certain, exclusive items are available, so you can snag them for yourself. They can also keep an eye out for you, for items to fit your particular collection, whatever that collection may be.

Beyond this, if you’re shopping for items that are frequently counterfeited, from handbags to gemstones, shopping in person, with a reputable seller, whether that be a specific brand or just an accredited retailer, gives you additional peace of mind. You can walk away from the retail location knowing that you just purchased an authenticated, real item, versus waiting for a box to show up on your doorstep that could contain just about anything.

According to Statista survey data, top reasons for not buying luxury products online include the need to see and touch a product before purchase, the preference for an in-store experience with the help of a sales assistant, and the concern over product authenticity. These top reasons remained consistent across the board, whether survey participants were buying clothing, shoes, leather goods, jewelry, watches or even cosmetics and fragrances.

But What About the Things You Love About Online Shopping?

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So yes, there are a lot of great reasons why you might choose to buy your luxury items in person versus online. However, you still can’t deny that there are some things that are just preferable about online shopping.

There’s the convenience factor, for one. You can do all of your browsing in bed, in the car, at work, wherever. Want something? Click a few buttons, enter your credit card info and then all you have to do is wait. Have questions? Many retail sites now have a chatbot or something similar that can answer all of your product questions in real time.

You also get the added ease of comparison shopping when shopping online. The number of items you can compare is only limited by the number of tabs you want to have open on your browser at any given moment. You can compare not only individual items from one retailer, but items across a range of stores, and look at all of your options, easily laid out before you.

Additionally, there’s the lessened pressure that comes with the at-home shopping experience. You can easily walk away from an item — even at check out — with no guilt and no sales associate questioning your decision. If you’ve ever had a shopping experience that featured a pushy salesperson, this could very well be your top thing that you like most about shopping online.

However, despite all of these benefits of online shopping, the fact still remains: If you’re going to buy certain luxury goods, you just can’t do it online, at least not with the assurance of purchasing an authentic item.

And don’t think that, just because you prefer to shop online that you should give up your taste for those few luxury items that can’t be shipped through the mail. There are so many reasons to continue investing in luxury. Not only is the high quality dependable and consistent, with many luxury items holding their worth for decades, becoming cherished family heirlooms, but investing in luxury items is also an investment that’s eco-friendly. As slow fashion becomes more popular, especially with younger generations, you’ll find that more of your friends are turning to luxury goods, not only for their face value, but for the good they can do the planet.

So how do you blend everything you like about online shopping with all the benefits — and the luxury access — of in-person shopping? That’s where Yamron comes in.

Get the Best of Both Worlds, with Yamron

With Yamron, you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the convenience of online shopping via our extensive online catalogue. Browse through a range of jewelry, from engagement rings to one-of-a-kind luxury pieces, watches to estate pieces, all from wherever you are, whenever the mood strikes you.

Not sure what exactly you’re looking for or what you need? Check out our handy blog, which is filled with helpful information on fashion trends, favorite brands and recommended gifts, so you can make an informed buying decision. We even frequently feature timely pieces to give you up-to-the-minute advice on topics like 2022 gemstone investment strategies.

Then, when you decide that you’re ready to make that purchase, reach out. Our team is available to talk via phone, email or social. We pride ourselves on establishing long-standing relationships with our client base, helping them choose luxury pieces to celebrate all of their major milestones, while also helping them round out their much-loved jewelry, watch and gemstone collections.

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