Roberto Coin: A Strong Legacy From A New Brand

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin, the man, was born in 1944, in Venice. After attending Swiss boarding school and obtaining his diploma in hospitality, he worked in the industry in various hotels around the world. However, his first love was always fashion and so, in the middle of his career, he switched industries and, began designing jewelry in 1984, at the age of 40.
At first, Coin worked as a designer for other jewelry brands, but then, in 1996, he founded the Roberto Coin brand, at first designing as many as 150 pieces of jewelry each year, and then quadrupling that quickly.

Each Roberto Coin piece (except for a few notable outliers in the brand’s earring line) features a small ruby, tucked away on the piece’s interior so that it’s always in contact with the wearer’s skin. This small touch is a nod to the cultural and historical beliefs that rubies are a sign of good will and can bring a range of good fortune to the wearer.

Roberto Coin Today

Today, Roberto Coin’s headquarters is located in Vicenza, where the business remains in the family, with Coin’s wife working in marketing for the brand and one of Coin’s sons working in the brand’s production centers. Coin jewelry can be found around the world, in more than a thousand boutiques in more than 60 countries — and at Yamron Jewelers in Naples.

Stop into the Yamron showroom to see all of the Coin jewelry on offer. You can also view select pieces online, at


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