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One must have done something truly special to be dubbed “the jeweler’s jeweler” for a long time. The brand known as Oscar Heyman’s dedication to quality and quiet integrity in its goods is also conveyed by those three words. Film stars, socialites, and other members of high society have flocked to this brand’s creations for their originality and nature-inspired aesthetic since its inception. In the 1950s, the company was known for its sapphire jewelry, and in the 1960s, the company’s gems were bold, heavy, and flamboyant. The infamous 69.42 carat diamond necklace, made up of 67 pear-shaped diamonds, was one of the company’s most monumental inventions. Richard Burton bought the exquisite piece for his partner, Elizabeth Taylor, and it will go down in jewelry history. Harry Winston cut the stones for this necklace, which was designed by Oscar Heyman for Cartier in 1969. This magnificent piece was dubbed the “Taylor-Burton Diamond,” and even after Burton bought it, he stipulated that it be exhibited in Cartier’s New York and Chicago showrooms.

Oscar Heyman’s role in designing and producing such pieces sold without attribution by such retailers as Shreve, Crump & Low in Boston, J. E. Caldwell in Philadelphia, Julius Cohen in New York, and Laykin et Cie in Los Angeles is less well recognized, but no less fully documented in this detailed tome.

Oscar Heyman’s brand

To start, Oscar Heyman & Bros. was founded in 1912 in New York by brothers Oscar and Nathan Heyman, who had trained at a workshop in Russia that had clients such as Fabergé; their other siblings later joined them in the company. They quickly established themselves as the city’s go-to jeweler for any home or retailer in need of exceptional items. The firm’s creations were renowned for their high-quality gemstones, timeless designs, and fine craftsmanship, a trifecta of excellence that continues to this day.

Oscar Heyman jewels continue to teach today’s wearers about twentieth-century fashion trends. Geometry, precision, and strong, contrasting color schemes characterize the firm’s Art Deco goods. Polished yellow gold and an emphasis on scrolls and volutes set with stones such as aquamarines and citrines characterize Modern or Machine Age forms.

Oscar Heyman’s flower brooches, which were first introduced in the 1930s, are still a firm favorite, with roses, lilies, gardenias, and pansies so young and bright that their petals appear dappled with dew. Ballerina rings, with their undulating diamond skirts, were first introduced in the 1950s and are still common today. (They have been heavily imitated by lesser jewelers over the years, sometimes in a bad manner.) The firm’s severe diamond pieces from every decade are distinguished by excellent, skillfully cut stones and elegant settings. Every piece of jewelry is signed and numbered, assuring the artistry and quality Oscar Heyman has delivered for over 100 years.

Oscar Heyman’s brand

Oscar Heyman & Bros. has continued to create lovely products, specializing in platinum jewelry with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies down through the decades, able to go with the wave of change in jewelry aesthetics. More recently, the pendulum has moved from filling orders for other jewelers, to a focus on producing their famous jewelry under their own name. The company is now owned by the third generation of the Heyman family.

Today, Oscar Heyman continues to create exquisite jewelry using techniques that have been passed down over three generations, and each Heyman piece is cut and polished to the highest standards. The business takes pride in its use of traditional styles, but isn’t afraid to spice it up with a new twist. Oscar Heyman designs cater to people of all ages and will continue to fascinate consumers for decades to come by effortlessly combining the old and the modern.

Oscar Heyman’s brand

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