Investing in Gemstones Like a Professional

First things first — It’s important to note that it’s not exactly easy to invest in gemstones and turn a profit. Buying gemstones, holding onto them for years, maybe decades, and then selling them to the right buyer, at the right time, isn’t as simple as, say, investing in some new crypto currency on your favorite investment app. Becoming a profitable gemstone investor requires experience and knowledge — and if you can’t acquire that experience and knowledge for yourself, you’ll need a partner (like the gemologists at Yamron) whose experience and knowledge you can rely on instead. However, to get you started thinking about this investment opportunity, here are 7 things you need to know.

A network is crucial.

You can’t expect to buy a gemstone at your local department store jewelry counter and then sell it for a profit. That’s not how a smart investor buys gemstones. Instead, you’ll want to work through a network of contacts to find gemstones at wholesale or below prices; never purchase a gemstone at retail price if you’re expecting to use it as an investment piece.

So how do you build up this network of contacts? A great place to start is with a qualified gemologist. This individual can not only point you to the right places to buy a gemstone, but they can likewise help throughout the purchase process, as well as help you always ensure a purchase is right for you, by verifying a gemstone’s value and authenticity.

Certain gemstones are smarter investments
than others.

Gemstones to invest in

Just like certain stocks are going to be a better investment than others at any given time, so will certain gemstones be better investments depending on when you’re investing. The key, like with any investment, though, is to buy low and sell high. As of the start of 2022, some of the best gemstone investments include garnets, alexandrite, spinels, Paraiba tourmaline, tanzanite, and rubies.

While a gemologist can help you be more “in the know” as to what gemstones are a smart investment at a certain time, it’s helpful and advantageous to do your own research as well, and stay up to date on the latest industry news. New mine openings, mine closures, extra PR and marketing for a certain gemstone — these are all things that can impact the value of a gemstone, either at the moment or down the road.

Learning your gemstones is vital.

David Webb Gemstone Bracelet

In addition to learning about what gemstones are the best investment options at any given time, you’ll also want to brush up on your gemstone knowledge in general.

How are certain gemstones graded? What does a grade mean? What kind of certification should your gemstone come with? What’s considered a large or small size for a particular gemstone? Are certain gemstones worth more or less if they’re a certain color?

Your investment doesn’t end once you have
the gem in hand

If you think that the only upfront cost to investing in a gemstone, especially if you’re not considering upgrading the gemstone in any way, is only the actual price tag on that gem, think again. You’ll also want to invest in proper storage and security for your gemstones, to better protect your investment. (After all, you don’t want to lose potentially tens of thousands of dollars all because you didn’t store your gemstones properly, do you?)

Make sure, before you bring even your first gemstone home, that you have a proper storage plan in place. Gemstones should always be kept in individual storage, in a soft-lined container, in a climate-controlled atmosphere. Whatever you do, do not store gemstones with other, different gemstones. Your harder gemstones can damage your softer gemstones, leading to damage and a decrease in value.

Want to Begin Investing in Gemstones?
Yamron Can Help.

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If you’re new to the world of gemstone investing, it’s vital that you have an experienced and reputable gemologist at your disposal. Not only can this expert help you determine the best investments to make, they can also help you actually find gemstones to invest in, that you may not be able to locate on your own, as an outside shopper.

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