How To Start Your Luxury Watch Collection

There are so many different reasons why you might choose to start a luxury watch collection. Luxury watches are not only a high-end fashion accessory, but they’re also practical, fine pieces of technology that show, if you purchase the correct pieces, a high attention to detail and craftsmanship. Maybe that’s why luxury watches are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry to collect.

If you’ve been intrigued by luxury watch collecting in the past, but haven’t really jumped into the lifestyle headfirst, whether because you’re not sure where to start or you’ve been given the (incorrect) impression that luxury watches are more of man’s thing, we’re here to help. The fine jewelry experts at La Maison Yamron can help any fashionable woman begin building an enviable luxury watch collection worth bragging about. Here’s where to start.

1. Determine a Theme for your Collection

Important Watch Terms to Know

While you may not necessarily need a theme for your luxury watch collection, many fine jewelry purveyors do choose to go this route. But don’t think that choosing a theme needs to be difficult. Maybe you choose to only collect vintage luxury watches, or watches from a certain luxury brand, such as Harry Winston or Breitling. Maybe you only want to collect dive watches or pilot watches or even pendant watches. Perhaps you only want to collect watches from a certain geographic area, like Switzerland
or Germany.

Whatever theme you go with, establishing a theme for your watch collection is an easy way to begin formulating a plan for your future collection.

2. Get To Know The Watch World

But before you can even decide on a theme, you need to know what’s actually out there and available to you. If you’re not familiar with luxury watches, you may be surprised at what’s currently fashionable, as well as at the many different types of watches. Do a little research and peruse the websites of some luxury watch retailers (Le Maison Yamron has an admirable selection). Start making a mental list of the various brands and styles you prefer.

3. Get to Know the Lingo

Important Watch Terms to Know

Just as with every luxury collection, whether you’re collecting fine wines or vintage automobiles, when it comes to collecting watches, there’s a bit of lingo you’ll need to know. Here are a few terms that’ll come in handy as you start shopping.

  • Automatic: A watch that winds via your movement versus requiring a manual wind every day (which is a hand-wound watch). Some watch collectors feel that automatic watches are slightly more accurate than manual watches, as they don’t rely on human winding.
  • Case Back: The back of the watch, which can sometimes be removed in order to access the watch’s inner workings. Sometimes, a case back is an exhibition case back, so that it shows you, through a transparent cover, how your watch is working.
  • Chronograph: A watch that also includes an additional stopwatch.
  • Chronometer: A watch that has been tested by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute in order to determine accuracy.
  • Crown: A knob on the side of the watch that allows you to change the time or date.
  • Dive watch: A water-resistant watch that is typically water-resistant for up to 20 meters.
  • Quartz: Battery-powered watches are sometimes referred to as quartz watches.

There are, of course, many more phrases and terminology that you’ll come across as you start exploring the world of luxury watches, but these are just a few terms to know when you first begin your search.

4. Take Advantage of Special Features

Watches are definitely not just watches anymore. While, sure, they’ll still tell you the time, you can find many, many luxury watches on the market that are filled with extra features. Beyond diving watches that can handle your marine adventures, and watches outfitted with the times for multiple time zones, you can find luxury smart watches that will do everything from check your text messages to keep track of your sleep schedule (and don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only smart watch on the market is the Apple Watch — you can find much more luxurious options that are just as intelligent).

5. Don't Get Stuck and Forego Variety

While having a theme can help you streamline your luxury watch shopping process, you don’t want to become so married to your theme that you end up with a collection of luxury watches that all look the same. A little variety in your collection is a good thing. After all, you might find one watch that works well for your travels, and another that’s a little more delicate and glitzy that you like to wear with a cocktail dress. You might find another that’s the perfect accompaniment to your favorite work outfit.

Just like you wouldn’t want a closet filled with the same type of shoes, you don’t want a watch case filled with the exact same style of watches.

6. Remember, Your Watches are for Wearing

As you shop for luxury watches, keep in mind that these pieces of jewelry are just as functional as they are fashionable, and if you don’t feel you’ll get that much function out of a watch, you may want to pass it by.

Can you see yourself wearing a watch you’re considering, two or three years from now? Do you think it will be useful every time you wear it, versus just a fancy bracelet?

7. Consider Purchasing Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

While it is nice to have something brand-new and just yours, there are some perks that come from purchasing pre-owned luxury watches. When you purchase with a reputable team like the one at
La Maison Yamron, you can find stellar deals on pre-owned luxury watches that are still in
amazing condition.

The key is to know your seller well and to work with only those sellers that you trust and that have a reputation for excellence.

Along these lines, keep in mind that you can always sell watches from your collection if you decide you no longer want a piece and you’d rather have another in its place. If this is something you might be interested in, in the future, be sure that you’re taking good care of all the watches in your collection and ensuring that they’re serviced every three to five years. Keep your watch box and papers, as well as any other items or information that came with the watch at the time of purchase. If you remove a link from the watch, be sure to hold onto it and, if you can, refrain from any engravings.

8. Have Fun with Your Collection

Jewelry Terms You Need to Know as You Build Your Collection

Whether you want a watch that’s completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen on anyone else’s wrist (like this BVLGARI option) or you want to start with a standard pick (such as this option from Tag Heuer), whatever ignites your passion for the watch world, you can find it with a little help from the La Maison Yamron team. Discover our array of luxury watches online, and then stop into our Naples showroom to see these gorgeous pieces in person.


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