Vhernier is a young company, having just gotten its start in the 1980s. However, even though the Milan-headquartered brand doesn’t have the longevity of similar jewelry designers, it’s certainly made its own mark on the world. Vhernier was founded in 1984 in Valenza, Italy, by Angela Camurati, who adopted the Vhernier name from a Renaissance ruler of Venice, Doge Venier (via Forbes). However, the brand didn’t begin to receive international attention until some time later, in the 1990s. At that time, Vhernier began to show off its exquisite gold work, which you can still see today, as well as its whimsical designs that take inspiration from nature and the animal world.

Also setting Vhernier apart at the time was its attention to unique materials; beyond the acclaimed gold work, Vhernier also used an array of materials previously uncommon in jewelry design, from wood to aluminum to titanium. Soon, Vhernier also adopted its now-famous Trasparenze technique, which combines rock crystals with opaque minerals.

In 2001, Carlo Traglio purchased the Vhernier brand, though original co-founder Angela Camurati is still in the picture. Today, the company still focuses on its unique blends of materials, amazing gold work and interesting inspirations, but while also taking care to ensure that all its jewelry is ethically sourced and socially responsible. As such, Vhernier sources its natural materials only when it’s deemed healthy for the ecosystem from which the materials are sourced (for example, the brand sources ebony from old or fallen trees, versus in other ways). The brand also works with traditional craftsmena within small regions of Italy, to safeguard the gold-smithing culture there, while also employing nearly entirely women.


If you’d like to add a piece of Vhernier jewelry to your collection — or if you’d just like to get a better idea of what the Vhernier lines include — you can find Vhernier boutiques in 15 international locales, as well as at the headquarters in Milan. Choose from thousands of pieces released each year, spread across more than a dozen collections. Of course, you can also find Vhernier pieces at Yamron Jewelers.

Check out all of the Vhernier pieces that Yamron currently has in stock, from Vhernier’s unique, interlocked titanium and diamond tourbillon rings to its Calla pendants. The latter uses the aforementioned Trasparenze technique and incorporates a range of unique materials, while the former is a collection of rings that are made of two rings each, for layered looks, each ring made of a different material, for an eye-catching contrast.

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