If you know Piranesi only as the Italian etcher, engraver and architect from the early 1700s, it’s time you became acquainted with the Piranesi brand behind some of our favorite jewelry.

What to Know About Piranesi

The Piranesi jewelry brand was founded in 1845, established in Milan, Italy, before moving its headquarters to New York City and Rockefeller Plaza in 1976. Today, you’ll find Piranesi situated on Fifth Avenue, as well as in top luxury destinations around the world, such as Aspen, though independent boutiques like Yamron Jewelers also offer Piranesi’s prized collections.
Piranesi draws inspiration from Italian renaissance art and culture, and combines that inspiration with the world’s most precious gems and metals. Piranesi’s designs are split into four collections: boutique, couture, bridal and masterpieces.

The modern boutique collection is made up of pieces that you can wear at any time, any day of the week. They pair with both casual and formal attire, daytime and nighttime looks. They’re a go-to if you’re just building your jewelry collection and need pieces that both reflect your personal style while also lending you the classic look you need to pair with a wide array of items from your wardrobe.
The couture collection is more high-end and artistic, as expected, and not quite as suited for everyday wear. These timeless designs make use of some of the world’s most prized and valuable gemstones, from Colombian emeralds to fancy-colored diamonds.

The bridal collection, of course, includes your standard engagement rings, eternity bands and other bridal jewelry, in classic styles that still manage to be as unique and elegant as every piece in the Piranesi family.
Lastly, the masterpieces collection includes only the brand’s rarest and most one-of-a-kind, unique pieces. Each piece is designed to be passed down through a family, and treasured for centuries to come.
Beyond these options, Piranesi also boasts a custom atelier process, interpreting your style and creating a new, dream piece or reinventing an older piece with a new look. If you’re seeking something truly one-of-a-kind, this option is one to consider.

Add Piranesi’s Elegant Work to Your Collection

If you’re considering adding a piece of Piranesi to your collection, start your shopping process at Yamron Jewelers. From gorgeous diamond and sapphire halo earrings to eye-catching diamond tennis necklaces, we can help you pick the perfect new favorite piece or even a gift for an upcoming special occasion. View our current Piranesi options online first, and then stop into our Naples boutique to see your options in person. 

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