Gemology 101: Pink Diamonds (Why Have They Become So Rare?)

In general, though, you can expect pink diamonds to be more expensive the greater the intensity of the color, the greater the size, the higher the clarity and the better the cut for enhancing the color. Often, cushion and radiant cuts are most popular for pink diamonds.   One of the most valuable pink diamonds […]

Gemology 101: Paraiba Tourmaline

How Does Paraiba Tourmaline Compare to Other Types of Tourmaline? Paraiba tourmaline is far more expensive than other types of tourmaline, and for good reason. These stones are incredibly rare and unusual, with higher color saturation than you’ll find in many other types of tourmaline.  What Kind of Jewelry is Paraiba Tourmaline Used In?  Typically, […]

The Kendalls

Benji and Laura Kendall are no strangers to competition. Both boasting competitive tennis backgrounds, Benji has played practically since the time he could walk, claiming status as a two-time All-American before playing Division 1 tennis at Penn State University. Laura likewise played from a young age and played throughout her college career at a similar […]

Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

When it comes to jewelry, women’s pieces generally get a lot more love and attention — not to mention, there are seemingly just so many more options for women’s jewelry versus men’s jewelry. And so, the dapper man can feel slightly left out when it comes to shopping around for the perfect accessory. However, if […]

How to Preserve Your Fine Jewelry 

6. Continue your care while you’re wearing your jewelry. But all of this care goes to waste if you’re not taking the proper precautions while you’re actually wearing your jewelry. Avoid wearing your jewelry in any situation where it might be damaged, such as while gardening or working around the house, while cooking or enjoying […]

Jewelry and Gemstone Collections – What’s Next For 2022

As an aspiring jewelry and gemstone aficionado and/or collector, you want to be on top of the latest trends and, just like with fashion, the trends for an upcoming jewelry season are often predicted well in advance. As we near the end of 2021 then, it’s time to take a look at the gemstone and jewelry trends for 2022, so you can plan your upcoming purchases accordingly.

Why Get Your Jewelry and Diamonds GIA-Certified (and How That Impacts the Appraised Value of your Collection)

You want the best for your jewelry and diamond collection. You’ve properly appraised and insured your pieces. You keep up on all of the regular maintenance needed by a professional in the industry. You keep your collection stored safely in your home and wear pieces only when appropriate. But have you considered having your jewelry […]