Why Get Your Jewelry and Diamonds GIA-Certified (and How That Impacts the Appraised Value of your Collection)

You want the best for your jewelry and diamond collection. You’ve properly appraised and insured your pieces. You keep up on all of the regular maintenance needed by a professional in the industry. You keep your collection stored safely in your home and wear pieces only when appropriate. But have you considered having your jewelry […]

A Guide to Buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Handbag

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a pre-owned luxury handbag. In fact, the pre-owned luxury market is growing rapidly, with fashion fans everywhere realizing that purchasing pre-owned items allows you to build your luxury collection faster and more affordably, while still enjoying the same amazing quality and brands you know and love.  But, as is […]

What to Do if You Inherit Jewelry 

So you’ve inherited an estate that encompasses jewelry and/or precious metals and stones. After you’ve taken the time to properly grieve the deceased, what’s the correct path forward, for dealing with your inheritance? A lot of unanswered questions can arise, questions that you may not know the answer to if you’re not already a jewelry […]

How to Care for Your Designer Handbag (A Step Style Guide)

You love your designer handbag and take it everywhere, but it’s important to remember, as you scrabble for a seat for your Chanel bag on the subway or plop your Louis Vuitton tote in the grass at the park, that a luxury bag is an investment, one that needs special care. Just like you care […]

Harry Winston: A Legacy of Remarkable Designs and Stellar Acquisitions

“Owning a piece of the Harry Winston legacy is an opportunity that no true jewelry connoisseur can pass by…” The Harry Winston name is synonymous with luxury jewelry and timepieces. Founded in 1932 by the man of the same name, Harry Winston is now known as one of the finest jewelry manufacturers not only in […]

How to Properly Insure Your Multi-Million Dollar Jewelry Collection

You’ve invested heavily in your jewelry collection — now’s the time to protect it. Don’t leave your jewelry collection’s safety to chance. The wrong insurance and the wrong care could mean a substantial loss in value. For tips on how to properly insure your multi-million dollar jewelry collection, we spoke to two experts, Yamron’s GIA […]