Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron Jewelers

Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron Jewelers

Goshwara, a Fine Jewelry House based in New York City, represents more than just a brand; it epitomizes perfection, timelessness, and the embodiment of feminine beauty. This luxurious brand owes its name to an ancient Persian term used to describe a silhouette of perfect proportions, reflecting the essence of femininity through its graceful curves. Such is the depth of this symbolism that in old Persian courts, it was believed that only the most skilled artisans could create a Goshwara, further enhancing the brand’s reputation for pristine craftsmanship and dedication to excellence.

Founded by the talented designer and president Sweta Jain, Goshwara came into existence in 2005 with a mission to fill a gap in the market for luxurious yet fun jewelry pieces. Sweta’s passion for gemstones stems from her childhood, growing up in a family deeply connected to the world of gems. She gained her expertise by accompanying her father to the mines of Africa, learning the process of mining, cutting, and manufacturing gemstones. This exposure to the beauty of raw gemstones became the foundation of her creative journey into jewelry design.

Sweta’s eye for color and dedication to meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every piece created under the Goshwara brand. These fine pieces, each a work of art, carry the distinctive Goshwara silhouette, combining the natural allure of gemstones with modern, classic designs that are timeless yet innovative.

Sweta Jain - Goshwara Founder and Designer

Goshwara specializes in crafting exquisite colored gemstone jewelry, resonating with the brand’s ethos of remaining true to oneself. The individuality, tradition, and timeless values Sweta Jain brings to the brand are evident in its collections. Each piece is a testament to the innovative spirit and the quest for perfection that defines Goshwara. The brand has made a significant presence in the industry, being showcased at prestigious jewelry shows, including Basel World, Couture, Centurion, and the Hong Kong
Jewelry & Gem Fair, and positioned in retailers across the country.

At the heart of Goshwara is the intent to reflect the wearer’s individuality and feelings at a given moment through the choice of jewelry. The brand successfully combines the vibrancy of colorful gemstones with varied silhouettes to create pieces that are deeply personal and expressive. As the brand continues to grow and evolve, Goshwara remains committed to its core principles, creating jewelry pieces that are not just accessories but reflections of the essence of beauty, individuality, and timeless elegance.

The Manhattan Collection

The Manhattan Collection by Goshwara, is an embodiment of the famous New York City skyline, representing the blend of dreaming and living inherent to the city. Designer Sweta Jain, who launched Goshwara in 2005 to fill a market gap for luxuriously fun pieces, took inspiration from the sleekness and power that Manhattan represents to create this collection.

The collection features jewelry with minimalist lines yet bold structures, offering classic, vivid, and colorful pieces that enrapture audiences worldwide.

The Manhattan Collection from Goshwara Jewelers

 The stones used in this collection are various, including ‘Manhattan’ Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, Rock Crystal, Citrine, Lavender Amethyst, Prasiolite, and Moon Quartz. These stones are emerald-cut and bezel-set in an 18-karat plain yellow gold ring.
A specific example of a piece from this collection is the Manhattan 18K Yellow Gold & London Blue Topaz Ring. It’s a sleek ring with a minimalist design featuring an east-west emerald-cut London blue topaz set in polished 18K yellow gold. The design reflects the spirit of individuality and originality that defines Goshwara’s ethos.

The Gossip Collection

Goshwara’s Gossip Collection embodies luxury with a playful twist, blending mid-century inspirations with modern design sensibilities. Known for using golden citrine gemstones set in 18k gold, this collection includes bold bracelets, earrings, and rings that exude sophistication in a classic style. Not just confined to citrine, the collection features striking pieces incorporating gemstones such as peridot and blue topaz, showcased beautifully in an 18k gold cocktail ring, demonstrating the collection’s diversity. The Gossip Collection is described as having a hint of shock value, making it a topic of envy and conversation. 

The Gossip Collection from Goshwara Jewelers

Founded by Sweta Jain in 2005, Goshwara emphasizes the blend of modernity and classicism, staying true to pristine craftsmanship and the ethos of remaining true to oneself. These timeless, versatile, and playfully elegant pieces are designed to transition smoothly from a day at work to a cocktail party, providing a chic, warm look that stands out in any setting.

The Queen Collection

Goshwara’s ‘Queen’ collection is a line of luxury jewelry inspired by royalty but conceived with a modern twist. The collection is carefully crafted to embody a feeling of luxury, achievable at an enticing price point. One notable piece is the Rock Crystal Emerald Cut Ring, with an MSRP of $2,200. The collection is a fusion of various elements, using enamel, diamonds, emerald, ruby, aqua, and sapphire, symbolizing the power, richness, and passion of a true Queen. This selection of jewelry echoes Goshwara’s ethos to “remain true to oneself”, which resonates in the creation of luxuriously fun yet timeless and classic designs. The ‘Queen’ collection, in essence, resonates with the brand’s commitment to pristine craftsmanship, individuality, and the spirit of innovation, making it a distinctive symbol of modern royalty.

The Rock & Roll Collection

The ‘Rock and Roll’ collection by Goshwara embodies the energy and spirit of the music genre it’s named after, featuring vibrant and bold jewelry pieces that echo the ethos of Goshwara – a perfect blend of luxury, fun, and individuality. This collection is crafted using high-quality materials and gemstones, as evident from the various pieces listed for sale. For instance, there are pieces featuring amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, and green quartz cabochons, and others incorporate materials like diamonds, turquoise, and 18-karat gold.

Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron Jewelers

Some standout pieces include the ‘Rock-N-Roll’ Moon Quartz Diamond Earrings, crafted in 18k white gold, and the Rock N Roll 18 Karat Yellow Gold Turquoise and Diamond Ring, designed to inspire the wearer’s inner rock star. Another item, the Rock ‘n Roll chalcedony ring, is notable for its stunning 23.31ct blue chalcedony cabochon set in yellow gold, offering a captivating contrast of warm and cool hues. Overall, the ‘Rock and Roll’ collection is an eclectic and vibrant selection of jewelry that, in true Goshwara fashion, combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary design ethos.

The Naughty Collection

Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron JewelersThe ‘Naughty’ collection by Goshwara is characterized by its dangerous curves and exotic colors, a combination expected to bring a smile to the conservative enthusiast. A typical piece in the collection features precious gemstones set in 18K gold, radiating luxury and fun. Examples include earrings with amethyst and garnet cabochons with a glittering diamond center and earrings with glimmering golden rutilated quartz drops hanging from cabochon-cut rutilated quartz with a hint of diamonds. Other unique pieces include earrings with moon quartz drops hanging from 0.81 Cttw diamond pave’ hooks and caps and onyx drop earrings with a diamond bar in 18K yellow gold. Each piece in the ‘Naughty’ collection is playful, fun, and designed to embody the essence of femininity.

The Rain Forest Collection

Incorporating the verdant allure of the world’s tropical ecosystems, Goshwara’s ‘Rain Forest’ collection is a breathtaking symphony of color and craftsmanship. This collection captures a rainforest’s harmony and vibrant diversity through an array of exquisite gemstones, embodying the brand’s ethos of timelessness, tradition, and pristine artistry.
Vivid amethysts lend a pop of brilliant purple, reminiscent of rare orchids and striking bird plumage found within the depths of the rainforest. The vibrant green hues of peridot and prasiolite evoke the lush, dense vegetation, reflecting the essence of life and growth. 

The Rain Forest Collection

Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron Jewelers

With their darker green tones, Tsavorites mirror the deep shadows of the forest, invoking a sense of mystery and fascination.
Adding a contrasting touch to the collection are pink sapphires, a nod to the vibrant sunset hues that dapple the rainforest canopy, creating a visual spectacle of nature’s color palette. Each gemstone is meticulously set, celebrating Goshwara’s signature silhouette marring femininity with luxurious curves.
The ‘Rain Forest’ collection isn’t just jewelry; it’s an adventurous exploration of nature’s artistry, presented through Goshwara’s lens of innovation and individuality. Each piece is a unique homage to the wonder and splendor of our planet’s rainforests, embodying an exotic touch to the world of luxury jewelry.

The Limited Edition

The ‘Limited Edition’ collection from Goshwara is a striking testament to the brand’s passion for crafting exceptional jewelry with a blend of classic and modern aesthetics. One key piece from this collection that stands out is the limited edition multi-sapphire earrings set in 18K yellow gold, encrusted with delicate diamonds .
The earrings showcase an impressive approximate stone weight of 19.77 carats for sapphire, adding a rich, vibrant touch to the design, while the diamonds weighing 0.12 carats add a touch of refined sparkle. Exemplifying the brand’s ethos of luxury and exclusivity, these earrings retail for $19,900.

Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron Jewelers

The ‘Limited Edition’ collection embodies the creative vision of Goshwara’s designer and president, Sweta Jain. Reflecting her philosophy of expressing one’s emotions through jewelry, these pieces encapsulate her love for playing with gemstone colors to create vibrant, emotion-evoking designs. This collection is a shining example of Goshwara’s commitment to delivering luxuriously fun and distinctively unique pieces that celebrate individuality and the perfection of beauty.

The Melange Collection

The ‘Melange’ collection by Goshwara is a beautifully diverse assortment of jewelry, skillfully blending various gemstones and stone inlays into a myriad of geometric shapes. The collection’s name, ‘Melange,’ encapsulates the idea of fusion, evident in the eclectic and vibrant mix of elements incorporated into each piece.
The collection’s versatility is notable, offering striking pieces suitable for all occasions. The brand emphasizes celebrating the beauty of diversity and possibilities, as embodied in the wide-ranging designs of the Melange collection. The collection’s offerings are as unique as they are beautiful, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to innovation for which Goshwara is renowned.

Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron Jewelers

Is Goshwara Right For You?

You are a connoisseur, a lover of luxury and refined taste. Your eyes are attuned to elegance, your fingertips to the sensation of pure luxury. You thirst for unique treasures and crave the thrill of discovery in each piece you add to your growing collection. If this resonates with you, it is with delight that I introduce you to Goshwara, the realm of perfect proportions and the epitome of timeless beauty.

Goshwara’s offering is not just jewelry – it’s an invitation to experience a world of perfection and femininity, encapsulated in each piece’s sensual curves and exquisite detail. It’s a journey into the heart of design, where the essence of beauty merges with age-old craftsmanship and innovative artistry. Each Goshwara piece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to timelessness, tradition, and the pursuit of a distinct modernity that respects and enhances classic forms.

The journey begins in Goshwara’s main studio, nestled in the vibrant heart of New York City. Here, under the artistic eye of designer and president Sweta Jain, each piece begins as a vision – an imaginative fusion of diverse elements that slowly takes form in the hands of the brand’s skilled artisans. It’s in these workshops, amid the whirl of creativity and precision, that Goshwara’s masterpieces are born.

From the bold structures and minimalist lines of the ‘Manhattan’ collection, reminiscent of New York City’s renowned skyline, to the vibrant and versatile ‘Melange’ assortment, where geometric shapes play host to a dazzling array of gemstones – Goshwara caters to the discerning and eclectic taste of its patrons. The brand’s ‘Limited Edition’ line offers exclusivity in its most accurate form, with pieces so unique they are as fleeting as they are beautiful. Each collection is a different chapter in the Goshwara narrative, with its own story and charm waiting to be discovered and cherished.

For those who seek the thrill of the extraordinary, Goshwara’s collections explore color, shape, and emotion. They speak to the connoisseur’s heart and evoke a personal and profound sense of luxury. The vivid hues of gemstones, the sparkle of diamonds, and the allure of gold and silver work in harmony to create pieces that not only catch the eye but capture the soul.

Goshwara is a symbol of individuality and authenticity, values that are reflected in its eclectic collections. It is for those who are not afraid to express their style, those who appreciate the beauty in diversity, and those who understand that each piece of jewelry they wear is an extension of their persona. To wear Goshwara is to embrace your individuality, celebrate your uniqueness, and revel in the luxury that only handcrafted perfection can offer.

So, is Goshwara right for you? If you seek exquisite craftsmanship, appreciate authentic designs, and revel in the discovery of unique, noteworthy pieces, the answer is a resounding yes. Take a step into the world of Goshwara. Feel the pulse of creation in each piece, see the vision behind every design, and experience the luxury of possessing something unique. It’s time to embark on your Goshwara journey of discovery, luxury, and unparalleled beauty.

Why We Chose To Work With Goshwara

Goshwara Jewelry A New Journey For Yamron Jewelers

As the owner of Yamron Jewelers, I have dedicated my life to providing our customers with nothing short of the most exquisite, unique, and timeless jewelry collections. We proudly represent illustrious brands such as Roberto Coin, Vhernier, and Seaman Schepps. Today, I am thrilled to announce the inclusion of another equally extraordinary brand into our collection, Goshwara. – Laura Kendall

A relatively young brand, Goshwara has rapidly secured a distinctive place in high-end jewelry. It is the epitome of pristine craftsmanship and an unrivaled dedication to innovation. Goshwara is more than just a brand; it is a design philosophy that echoes throughout its collections, a silhouette of perfect proportions that embodies the very essence of femininity with its luxurious curves.

From the moment I saw Goshwara’s pieces, I was struck by their powerful impact, a testament to their craftsmanship. Each piece spoke of a distinct personality and emotion, intricately crafted to cater to the wearer’s individuality. Goshwara’s dedication to uniqueness resonated with my own belief that every piece of jewelry should tell a personal story.

Goshwara’s collections, including the ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Melange,’ echo the brand’s ability to adapt to different styles while maintaining a core identity. Like Vhernier’s bold, contemporary designs, Goshwara emphasizes jewelry-making’s artistic and innovative aspects. Like Roberto Coin’s dedication to elegance and uniqueness, Goshwara presents luxuriously fun and strikingly distinctive pieces. And akin to the legacy of Seaman Schepps, Goshwara’s ethos of timeless tradition beautifully intertwined with modernity creates a classic appeal.

Our customers at Yamron Jewelers value authenticity and individuality. They seek jewelry that complements their persona, enriches their style, and has a tale of its own. Goshwara fills this niche perfectly. I firmly believe that Goshwara’s breathtaking collections, each with unique narratives, will be warmly received by our esteemed customers.

Integrating Goshwara into our lineup seamlessly brings a new dimension to our offering while aligning perfectly with our existing collections. Its fusion of classic aesthetics with a modern twist, vibrant colors, and geometric shapes all echo the tenets we hold dear at Yamron Jewelers. Goshwara’s innovative spirit, drive for perfection, and dedication to creating pieces that celebrate individuality make it a perfect fit for our store.

I am delighted that Goshwara is now gracing our display cases, offering our customers the chance to experience its unique collections. I invite you all to come in, experience the splendor of Goshwara, and let its exquisite designs speak to you. Discover how Goshwara’s pieces complement your unique style and resonate with your personal narrative. Like the Goshwara brand, each of you is unique, and I am sure you will find pieces that mirror your individuality and exclusivity.

So, welcome to Yamron Jewelers, where Goshwara awaits your arrival. Let your journey of discovery begin, a journey that will lead you through the fascinating world of gemstones, diamonds, and gold, showcasing the luxurious, the bold, and the unique. Let Goshwara take you on a tour of timeless beauty and modern elegance, where every piece has a story. Trust me; this is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.
Your journey with Goshwara starts here at Yamron Jewelers. I look forward to welcoming you soon.


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