Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Jewelry or Watch Collection

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If you’re brand-new to the world of jewelry, including watches, you may be building your collection without really knowing all the ins and outs of the industry. And while knowing the industry as well as your favorite jeweler or gemologist isn’t necessary, you do want to know a few key things, so that you can avoid making blunders when building your collection. After all, you want your collection to retain its value as you add pieces you love.

Mistake 1: Not Forming a Relationship
with a Jeweler

The Basics of Pre-Owned Watch Collecting

Whatever type of jewelry you’re collecting, you need to form a solid relationship with a jeweler. They can help you with so many different aspects of your shopping experience, from providing you with expert recommendations to letting you in on upcoming trends, to helping you find pieces that aren’t on display. They can also assist in finding more difficult-to-locate, aution-only pieces or gemstones, if you’re trying to find a particular item for your collection. Additionally, they can help steer you away from some of the other blunders — as well as much more serious ones — on this list.

Mistake 2: Not Branching Out to
New-to-You Brands

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Jewelry or Watch Collection

Don’t think that just because you (and just about everyone else) recognize the Rolex brand on sight that you should only be adding Rolex watches to your collection. Don’t be afraid to go beyond popular brand names, to find new-to-you brands that you may love even more. Smaller, lesser-known brands and designers can offer just the same level of quality, but with more unique pieces that you won’t see on all your friends.

Mistake 3: Not Shopping with the
Long Game in Mind

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Your jewelry collection is an investment. Even if you’re only picking out items based on what you like, if you’re purchasing high-end items, those pieces could very well be passed through your family for generations, and someday might fetch a very high price for one very deserving descendant. It’s worth keeping the long game in mind as you shop for new items for your collection. Look for items that you not only love, but also items that will retain their value for decades to come.

Mistake 4: Not Understanding your
Style Before you Shop

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Jewelry or Watch Collection

You’ll quickly begin to learn your style as you build out your jewelry or watch collection, but it’s very helpful to go into your next shopping experience already with some factors in mind.

For example, based on your skin tone or hair color, you may want to opt for certain gemstones or precious metals, while avoiding others. You likewise may want to only go for certain ring cuts and styles based on the size and length of your fingers, or similarly only purchase certain necklace lengths and styles based on your neck and shoulder shapes. If you can go into your next shopping experience knowing what looks best on you, you can save yourself from purchasing a piece that you might not end up wearing all that often.

Mistake 5: Not Double-Checking for
Quality and Authenticity

While any trusted jeweler should already be doing this on your behalf, it’s important to always ensure a piece is the quality and authenticity advertised, before making a final purchase. Look for accreditations from organizations such as the American Gem Society or Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee, and read all of the fine print. Does your new purchase come with any sort of warranty? What happens if your watch stops working three days from now? Do you get a new watch, is the watch repaired or do you get your money back?

You can also look at your credit card benefits and see if they include any sort of insurance or warranties for jewelry purchases made on the card.

Mistake 6: Purchasing the Wrong Pieces
for your Lifestyle

When you see something shiny and pretty, it’s all too easy to make an impulse purchase. However, as any seasoned collector will tell you, if you want to see the full value of your jewelry or watch collection — meaning you actually get to enjoy your pieces versus just look at them in their box every once in a while — you want to pick pieces that are right for your lifestyle.

This means that, if you work a corporate job that takes up nearly all of your time — days, nights and weekends — you don’t buy a diving watch, just because you went on a diving trip for vacation two years ago and liked it. It means, if you don’t have pierced ears, you don’t purchase earrings with the intention of eventually getting your ears pierced. It means that if you don’t often attend formal affairs, you don’t dedicate the majority of your collection to items that can only be worn in very formal settings.

Look for pieces that fit your lifestyle, so that you can wear and enjoy them often.

Mistake 7: Buying Pieces only with an
Investment in Mind

Yes, you should keep investments and ROI in mind when shopping in general, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you think about when you’re shopping and building your collection. You want pieces that you actually like and enjoy wearing — otherwise, what’s the fun in collecting? So, go into your next shopping experience attempting to balance your likes and preferences with smart investment strategies.

Mistake 8: Not Taking Care of Your Pieces
After Your Purchase

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Lastly, no matter what happens during the actual shopping experience, once you bring a new piece home, it’s oh-so-important to be sure that you’re taking good care of that piece.

Make sure to only store like jewelry with like jewelry. Pick a suitable jewelry storage system that will keep your pieces free from damage and theft. Don’t wear your jewelry during certain situations, such as when you’ll be swimming or sweating. Don’t sleep in your jewelry and make sure you’re getting your pieces cleaned and, in the instance of watches, inspected, regularly.

You want your favorite pieces to last, so treat them with the care they deserve.

Want Expert Advice During Your
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