5 Times You Should Buy Pre-Owned Jewelry Instead of New

What Kind of Luxury Jewelry Collections Should You Invest In?

You might be under the assumption that new is always better, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are many times when you might want to purchase pre-owned jewelry instead of new pieces. Here are five of those times, plus what you should look for when purchasing pre-owned jewelry of
any kind.

Buy pre-owned jewelry when you’re collecting
as an investment


It’s just a given — so long as you’re not purchasing a vintage collector’s item, buying pre-owned jewelry will cost you less up front, but, with the right care and some strategic buying and selling, will still allow you to turn a profit when you go to sell your jewelry (if that’s something you decide to do at a later date). Since many jewelry collectors are collecting as an investment, not merely because they like a piece, buying pre-owned jewelry can be quite attractive for those individuals.


Think of it this way: in some cases, you could essentially be wearing a gorgeous piece for free, for several years. You enjoy that lovely diamond necklace, ring or bracelet until you’re ready to move on to another staple accessory, and then you sell it for your same purchase price or more.

Buy pre-owned jewelry when you’re looking
for something specific or special

Again, it’s just a fact that some collections won’t be available new. If you’re looking for something vintage or for a particular collection from a certain designer, you’re going to need to look to the pre-owned market. In these instances, if the specific and/or special item you’re searching for is in demand, you may find that you pay more for the item than you might for another, similar, new piece, but the value is all in the rarity.

Along these lines, pre-owned and vintage jewelry, in addition to including many styles often not being available new, comes with a certain history that’s just not included with a new purchase. If you’re the type to deck out your home with fine vintage furnishings, or someone who can’t pass up a mint condition pair of designer shoes from the 50s or 60s, pre-owned jewelry is likely right up your alley.

Buy pre-owned jewelry if you’re not sure what you like, or if you’re just starting a collection

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If you’re not sure what you like, or if you’re just building your jewelry collection, you probably don’t want to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry that you “might” wear often. In these instances, you can save a little money by buying pre-owned pieces, and get amazing, beautiful pieces that you like, but if you don’t wear them all that often, you’re still not really losing out all that much.

Additionally, if you know that you like to change up your look quite regularly and that you don’t often wear a staple accessory for a very long stretch of time, you may find shopping pre-owned to be more palatable, as you can purchase more pieces for the same amount of money, so you have more variety in your jewelry collection to choose from (not to mention, buying pre-owned means you have more overall options to browse through while shopping, thanks to those pre-owned pieces that are no longer available new).


Buy pre-owned jewelry if you’re trying
to be more sustainable

One very important reason why many choose to purchase pre-owned jewelry? The fact that it’s the most sustainable, eco-friendly way to shop. Since diamond and gem mining is increasingly under fire for its impacts on both the environment and susceptible populations, many jewelry shoppers look to pre-owned jewelry in order to have the best of all worlds. You get the real, natural diamonds and gemstones that you want, but without causing any more harm than what’s already been done, for a purchase that you can feel good about.

Buy pre-owned jewelry when you find
certain luxury brands

A piece of jewelry is not like a piece of clothing. When you purchase a secondhand dress or a secondhand car, for example, you expect there to be a little wear and tear. The dress’s zipper may need a little more wiggling to get it up and down. The car’s seats may not be as comfy as they used to be. But jewelry is designed to last a lifetime, no matter how much you wear it, and a piece of luxury jewelry is made with the highest quality and the best materials, not to mention the
finest craftsmanship.

If you’re lucky enough to find certain luxury brands available pre-owned, for a pre-owned price, it’s an excellent chance to jump on a fine piece of jewelry that’s no less the worse for wear, just because it’s been worn before. You can enjoy the exact same level of luxury, only for less.

Want to know the best brands to purchase pre-owned? That’s something your La Maison Yamron jeweler can assist with.

What to Know Before Buying Pre-Owned

But, of course, you want to purchase your pre-owned jewelry carefully. Not just any seller will
be reputable.

We advise partnering with a qualified jeweler, who can help you shop for high-quality, pre-owned pieces, someone who knows the industry and can appropriately advise you on when and what to buy — someone like La Maison Yamron.

Regardless of who you purchase your pre-owned jewelry from, make sure you get all the paperwork that should come with your piece, including original materials and packaging, if available. You also should ask for an authenticity certificate and preferably documentation of any cleaning, service or work done on
the piece.

Also, look into the jewelry brand’s service restrictions; some brands don’t allow for continued warranties or service, if a piece has missed so many years of service, or if it’s been modified in some major way.

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5 Times You Should Buy Pre-Owned Jewelry Instead of New

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