The classic round cut holds the title of most common diamond cut for engagement rings. This is most likely due to the fact that round cuts are considered the most brilliant diamonds available. Choose an oval diamond ring, on the other hand, if you want to stand out from the crowd without compromising brilliance. 

Oval cut diamonds, which have 58 facets and a rounded form, have the same allure as modern round brilliant cut diamonds, but with the added charm of an elongated shape. Oval cuts often seem larger than round cuts, making them a more sophisticated alternative to round genius cuts. 

Despite the fact that diamonds have been cut into ovular shapes for hundreds of years, Lazare Kaplan, a Russian-born diamond cutter, invented the new ideal oval cut in 1957. Abraham Tolkowsky, the diamond cutter who invented the Ideal Cut and was born into a family of professional jewelers, was Kaplan’s uncle. Kaplan was known for his outstanding cleaving skills before inventing the Modern Oval cut, which entails cutting cracked or severely flawed diamonds into smaller, minimally included diamonds.

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Kaplan worked with diamonds that were so flawed that other cutters deemed them “useless” or “worthless.” His dexterity in the field of cutting, on the other hand, helped him to transform these supposedly “worthless” diamonds into some of the most valuable diamonds of the time. 
His abilities were well known, but they were not completely appreciated until he created the Modern Oval cut, an innovation that earned him a place in the Jewelers International Hall of Fame. Oval diamond engagement rings are now among the most brilliant and upscale engagement rings available. And of course, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So, because we all love diamonds so much, we are going to be talking about Yamron’s a sixteen point three seven carat diamond ring today! What we have here is, again, a completely magnificent piece of jewelry. It’s flanked by three quarters of a carat, total weight and tapered baguettes.  

This oval-shaped halo diamond engagement ring has a distinctive brilliance that adds a modern twist to a classic theme. Every ring is delicately designed in platinum and features a single row of micro-pavé set round brilliant-cut diamonds framing your choice of oval-cut center diamond. 

Mounted in a platinum three stone setting, the diamond baguettes on each side are mounted on a dramatic angle, beautifully balanced and positioned to accent the 16.37ct central oval diamond. 
It really is about the esthetic of the entire piece. We have baguettes, Barasat, and prongs distinctly set beneath the girdle of the diamond and on the underside of the diamond. The baguettes in particular – they don’t compete with the center diamond. They accept the diamond. We want them to show off the centerpiece; the mount itself is in platinum, beautiful white setting.  


We’ve got 16.37 carat diamonds. More specifically, the dimensions are 20.3mm long by 14.5mm high. Mounted in is a three-stone white platinum setting for added security and durability. The diamond itself has the subtle inclusion of a VS-1 clarity. Even an experienced grader would struggle to spot inclusions. We’ve even got a perfectly symmetrical and optimal ratio of 1.39. 

It’s very important to match the diamonds to the center — not only for color and clarity, but also for the right shape, for the right size, for the right paper, for the right mountain. We want everything to flow. After all, the best option for length-to-width ratio on an oval cut is 1.35–1.50, but whether you choose a longer or wider oval is entirely up to you. The longer, elongated oval cuts appear sharper and more pronounced, whereas the shorter, squat oval cuts appear softer. 

Better yet, this is precisely what you want for such a large diamond: It offers extra added security durability. This diamond is H in color. In the world of GIA, a H diamond is virtually colorless. The viewer or wearer will not be affected by the color of this diamond. Even if you were to look at this diamond under magnification, you would have a hard time finding these inclusions again. Combine all of these factors, and we have a very large diamond over 16 carats. We have a high color diamond. We have a very high-quality diamond.

Finally, it’s always good to hear about professionalism and perfectionism when talking about precious gems; hence, it was a master jeweler made this 16.37ct oval diamond ring, with its flawless angles that lead the eye to the beautifully cut center diamond with an eye for perfection. 


Yamron Jewelers | 16ct. Oval Diamond Ring