Watch Color Trends of 2022

If you’ve been keeping up with our coverage of Geneva’s Watches and Wonders, the premier watch and horological event of the year, then you may have noticed a trend: Watches are no longer boring and bland pieces of metal or leather. They’re taking on new life this season with a splash of color across the board. So what are the Watch Color Trends of 2022?

It’s something that many fashion publications have noted, as designers both familiar and not-so-much have released watches in green, yellow, orange, pink and more. But is one color better than all the rest? Is there a, more or less, “it” color for 2022? Maybe yes, maybe no.

According to Hodinkee, while 2020 was all about blue watches and 2021 was all about green watches and, even looking back to 2019, salmon was all the rage, 2022 doesn’t seem to have a color that’s particularly in style. Instead, Hodinkee pronounces that, “in terms of color, the 2022 watch product cycle was all about brands doing their own thing” — which means more watchmakers and designers are able to get more creative with their color usage.

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Sure, as Gear Patrol points out, there are other trends that are on the watch scene in 2022, so not every single watchmaker is going rogue (for example, titanium is big this year), but, overall, color seems to be up in the air.

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