Robert Procop 18K Rose and White Gold Diamond Kryptonite Necklace

Featured here is a Robert Procop Diamond and Emerald American Glamour Necklace with platinum. Total Diamond weight of this stunning necklace is 8.03ct Sapphire, 5.87ct Emerald, and 6.80ct Diamond. The necklace is 16″. Stamped RP 5629 Plat.

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Featured here is a Robert Procop 18K Rose and White Gold Diamond Kryptonite Necklace. Total Diamond weight of this stunning necklace is 7.55ct with a total gem weight of 11.64ct featuring pink and blue sapphires. All Procop diamonds and melee are guaranteed to be colorless (D-F color), VS quality or better (almost all is VVS+) with no fluorescence. Try on and enjoy this pair ring at our Yamron Jewelers Boutique located at the Waterside Shops in Naples, FL ->

American Glamour

From the subtle influences of Frank Sinatra playing the Fontainebleau to the romantic “Because I Love You” stories of Elizabeth Taylor, the American Jewels have been romanced through these admired ideals and love stories, arriving at the timeless elegance of today’s glamorous awards ceremonies.

These styles are a distinct and creative blend of beautiful gems that leave the adorned feeling luxurious and dramatic, and appearing as a shining constellation of the red carpet. The collector cherishes the magnetic yet playful essence of the unexpected mix, unveiling a vivid starburst of vibrant hues and brilliance.

This collection of colored jewels is all hand faceted to maximize each gem’s brilliance, clarity, and color. Each piece with its innovative craftsmanship expertly displays the creation of both soft movements and rich dimensions.

About Robert Procop

Creating a Masterpiece is a lengthy journey.  It begins with a worldwide treasure hunt for the finest gems and continues through the creative process to the final polishing of each micro-element of a jewel.

Robert understands his master craftsmens’ abilities and constantly challenges their limits with more complex and unique designs.  The initial fluidity of the rough sketch expands into a document of engineering components in the style of a blueprint which exactingly outlines every detail.

Robert’s vision of a Masterpiece can only be brought to completion by the combined efforts of his team of master craftsmen, precision sketch engineers, and trained gemologists, each of whom must share his vision for creating a true treasure that will endure the test of time.

We are proud of the reputation we have acquired for creating a magnificent canvas of rare natural gems.  In our search for the most brilliant colored stones, we have cut and calibrated each facet to shine in its perfection.

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Robert Procop


American Glamour

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18K Rose Gold, 18K White Gold

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