Need luxury gift ideas for him? When shopping for the man in your life, you may be struggling with a great way to treat him. Sure, you could book that vacation that he’s always wanted to go on, or you could outfit him with that new briefcase he’s had his eye on, but what about when you want to give him something that’s going to last a lifetime — and beyond? What can you give him that’s going to show just how much you care that you know his tastes and preferences, and that you want to spoil him just as much as he spoils you? Jewelry is a gift that fits all the above.

However, if you’re more accustomed to shopping for jewelry for yourself than for the favorite man in your life, you might not be sure where to start. Here are a few ideas, as well as a few tips to help
you along.

A Classic Timepiece

The Basics of Pre-Owned Watch Collecting

If your man doesn’t wear jewelry all that often, one of the safest bets you can go with is a classic timepiece. There are so many different options in the men’s watch world, so you’re sure to find something that will fit his style. Whether you think he’d like something rugged and adventure-ready, a smart watch, a luxurious watch that’s suitable for wearing to the office, or a vintage piece that’s a true work of art, you can find it.

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Rings are often just as popular with men, but most typically only wear their wedding ring. If you’re not looking to upgrade your husband’s wedding ring at the current moment, though, you might want to consider the various other types of rings that are becoming more popular among stylish men. Signet rings are a classic that more and more men are adding to their wardrobes, for example.


Necklaces, on the other hand, aren’t as popular with men, so if you’re not sure whether your gift recipient wears necklaces already, you may want to hold off on this purchase. However, if you know that your recipient already has a few necklaces in their wardrobe, go ahead and start shopping. Typically, men’s necklaces trend toward the simpler side of things, but wide and bold options are also available.


Similarly, bracelets are typically only a good gift fit if you already know that your recipient likes and wears them regularly. Your bracelet options for men are a little more varied and range from durable and casual leather bands to heftier chains. Look at your recipient’s wardrobe and tastes before you make your bracelet purchase, to determine what style he might like best.


Not many men have pierced ears, but if your recipient is one of the few who do, you can opt for this piece of jewelry for your upcoming gift. In many instances, it’s best to go safe, with a simple stud or small loop that your recipient can wear with most outfits, whether they’re casual or formal.


Jewelry Pieces Every Man Should Own

One piece of men’s jewelry that’s often overlooked when it comes to gift-giving is cufflinks. While not always something that we think of as jewelry, cufflinks are an excellent way for your man to add a little bit of pizzazz and luxury to his wardrobe, without going over the top with a bolder statement piece. However, cufflinks are usually only a good fit for men who work in an office environment. You do, after all, want this to be a gift that he can wear frequently, so if he only wears a suit once or twice a year, cufflinks may not be the ideal gift for him.

Tie Pins

Likewise, tie pins are a great option for the corporate man in your life who suits up on the regular. If you know that his cufflink collection is already huge, a tie pin could be the perfect complement to add to his jewelry collection. Look at his existing cufflinks to see what kind of styles, metals and gemstones he prefers, and then purchase your tie pin accordingly.

What to Consider When Shopping for
Jewelry for Men

While all the above jewelry options make for great men’s gifts, you do want to consider a few things about your individual man before you make your purchase.

What’s your recipient’s lifestyle? As mentioned above, if he works in an office daily and is required to likewise wear a suit on the daily, then you can easily purchase some cufflinks and tie pins and be good to go. If, however, he works in a job that requires some physical labor, you’ll want to pick jewelry that’s rugged and durable. If his job is casual, you can opt for a wider range of pieces.

What are your recipient’s tastes? Jewelry isn’t as popular an option for men as it is for women, so you will find that some men just don’t like jewelry at all, any type of jewelry. Make sure you’re not buying jewelry for these types of men. However, do note that a lot of men also don’t consider a watch to be true jewelry, so you may be able to buy a watch for that guy in your life who keeps his wardrobe basic.

Make sure you know your man’s sizes as well and consider body type if you’re purchasing anything like a watch or necklace. You’ll want to know his ring size (An easy way to determine this? If he has an existing ring, like a wedding ring, grab it and trace the inside circle on a piece of paper; your jeweler should be able to make a pretty good guess as to his size based on that tracing.). You’ll also want to consider if a particular bracelet or necklace will look too small or too large based on things like chest width, wrist size, neck width and other factors.

Once you have these factors in mind, it’s time to enlist the professionals. So long as you have a good idea as to what type of jewelry you want to buy, the jewelry color or metal type, and the general jewelry style you want (for example, simple versus flashy), as well as your budget, an informed jeweler can make some recommendations from there. For the most options, go to a jeweler with a wide range of men’s jewelry, not a jeweler that specifically specializes in or advertises women’s items only.

Yamron Can Help

Yamron has been assisting clients with their gift shopping for decades. No matter who your recipient, we can help you pick the perfect gift. We’re here to assist you in choosing the right piece of jewelry, in the right size and right color, so both you and your recipient are incredibly pleased with your choice. Our staff of knowledgeable gemologists and jewelers can furthermore help answer any questions you might have about a particular piece or jewelry type.

Give us a call at 239-592-7707 or an email at [email protected] If you’re in Naples, stop by our showroom to speak with one of our team members in person.

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