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Adjusting the GMT or Dual Time Function on Your Luxury Pre-Owned Watch


To adjust the GMT or dual time function on your luxury pre-owned watch, follow these simple steps.

1. Understanding the GMT or Dual Time Function

The GMT or dual time function on a watch allows you to track two different time zones simultaneously. It is especially useful for frequent travelers or individuals who need to stay connected with multiple time zones. This feature typically involves an additional hand or a separate sub-dial on the watch face, indicating the time in the second time zone.

2. Locating the Adjusting Crown or Pusher

To adjust the GMT or dual time function, you need to locate the adjusting crown or pusher on your watch. The position and design of the crown or pusher may vary depending on the watch model. Typically, the crown is found on the side of the watch case and can be pulled out or unscrewed to activate different functions. The pusher, on the other hand, is a separate button usually positioned near the crown.

3. Pulling Out or Activating the Crown/Pusher

Once you have identified the adjusting crown or pusher, carefully pull it out or activate it, depending on your watch’s design. This action enables you to enter the setting mode for the GMT or dual time function. Ensure that you handle the crown or pusher gently to avoid any damage to the watch mechanism.

4. Setting the Second Time Zone

With the adjusting crown or pusher in the appropriate position, you can start setting the second time zone on your watch. Refer to the watch’s instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific instructions tailored to your watch model. Typically, rotating the crown clockwise or counterclockwise or pressing the pusher repeatedly will adjust the GMT or dual time hand or sub-dial to match the desired second time zone.

5. Confirming and Locking the Settings

After setting the second time zone, it’s essential to confirm the accuracy of the adjusted time on your luxury pre-owned watch. Take a moment to compare the watch’s display with a reliable time source, such as an atomic clock or a trusted smartphone application. If the settings are accurate, push the crown back in or deactivate the pusher, depending on the watch’s design, to lock the adjusted GMT or dual time function in place.

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