Founded in 1884, BVLGARI is a luxury Italian jewelry brand that draws inspiration for all its spectacular creations from ancient Roman art and design. Visionary innovation drives every aspect of Bvlgari’s glamourous gemstone jewelry and luxury timepieces, each one a mark of true Italian excellence. Discover our collection of authentic Bvlgari and watches here.


Is Yamron an authorized Bvlgari boutique and retailer?

Yes. We are an authorized dealer and retailer of all Bvlgari timepieces. This means we can also special order any timepiece in the current Bvlgari collection. 

When was Bvlgari founded?

1884. Bvlgari was founded by Sotirios Boulgaris, who later changed his surname to appear more Italian. It was initially founded as a jewelry brand, but expanded into watches in 1977. 

Who's owns Bvlgari?

LVMH. Bvlgari was founded by the Greek goldsmith Sotirios Voulgaris who Italicized his name into Bvlgari to officially settle in Italy in 1884. It’s only in 2011 that the Italian brand was acquired by the French luxury group LVMH. Bvlgari is arguably one of the world’s most revered and recognized jewelry brands. 

Where is Bvlgari made?

Bvlgari headquarters is Roma. This is where the high jewelry collections are made. Most of it’s jewelry is manufactured in the Italian city of gold: Valenza. 

Where are Bvlgari watches made?


How can I tell if a Bvlgari watch is real?

Bulgari always prints their logo as the roman-lettered BVLGARI, never Bvlgari (in lowercase letters) or Bulgari. We always recommend to check the finer details. If there are traces of adhesive or misaligned text, these are strong warning signs your watch could be a fake.