Since 1846, the powerful movement of the ocean has inspired Ulysse Nardin in its singular quest: the constant innovation of mechanical timepieces.

Ulysse Nardin

It all started in 1846 when Mr. Nardin took his skill of making precision marine chronometers and set sail on the maiden voyage of what would become one of the most regarded watch brands in the world. During the mid to late 1800’s Ulysse supplied chronometers to the navies of nearly 50 countries. Sadly, Mr. Nardin’s life ended at the young age of 53 when his young son Paul-David Nardin took to the helm.

It didn’t take long before Paul-David was filing patents and introducing tourbillon escapements into pocket chronometers. Over the next 50 years UN would go on to win thousands of awards for the most accurate chronometers. In 1983 the already famous watch brand was acquired by businessman Rolf Schnyder who, in conjunction with watchmaker, Ludwig Oechslin would relaunch the brand with a few new twists. Both Schnyder and Oechslin aligned with a vison to create complications using the most advanced materials and techniques. In 1985 UN released the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei which would go on to be named the most functional watch in the world by Guiness Book of Records.

2001 marked the first time silicium (a self-lubricating synthetic oil) was introduced into a watch movement for “The Freak,” a revolutionary 7 day-tourbillon carousel watch that won 2002 watch of the year. As of the last year UN announced that the entire brand would only be producing fully in-house manufactured watches. Nelson Lucero, the Vice President of UN states, “Having the ability to manufacture products in-house gives us full control from design to the finished product.” The term “in-house” for the laymen, simply means a company is vertically integrated throughout every portion of the manufacturing process.

In 1846, the inception of the brand, Ulysse Nardin moved operations to Le Loc, Switzerland. Today you can find their headquarters in the exact same building, paying homage and tribute to the foundation that set the tone for this modern day marvel watch brand. Yamron Jewelers, a jewelry store of nearly 30 years couldn’t be happier to be a retail partner, “We love, the collection of watches, their quality and appeal is of top caliber,” says Benji Kendall of Yamron.  Ulysse and Yamron also know how to throw a party, whether it be an intimate dining experience or a large fleet of yachts on a sunset cruise, this relationship has all the mechanics for long-term success.  

Forever inventive, the manufacturer remains steadfast in its pioneering precision of fusing bold innovation with undeniable style.