Marina B

Known for bold gold and colorful gemstone designs reflecting a modern Italian spirit, Marina Bulgari forged a signature collection bearing the name Marina B in the mid-1970s. A member of the famous Bulgari jewelry family, the designer created a following of loyal fans that lasted nearly three decades, and now the brand has been brought back for fall under new ownership, but featuring the same familiar stylish themes.

Timeless Iconic Design

The thing that made Marina B designs groundbreaking in its time and what makes them a product of the modern era is the use of color. 18k yellow and black gold is matched with an array of colored gemstones. Diamonds are a strong part of the designs but are used sparingly, often as a contrast to the colored gold and gemstones and in pavé patterns. While the jewelry is most certainly Italian, Bulgari’s inspirations were broad and include the regal look of Middle Eastern influences and the detailed patterns of Asian design. She also obviously enjoyed making Art Deco pieces.

The Cardan Collection

The iconic Cardan Collection is a stunning reminder of Marina’s unique ability to enchant and delight. 18kt yellow gold, amethyst, blue topaz, rose quartz & cultured pearls.