We Love You, Mom!

Sparing no expense with showering love for these special ladies

We Love You, Mom!

There are few things in this world we love more than mom. Moms are the embodiment of eternal love and devotion. I love that we set aside an entire day devoted to honoring and celebrating the women who raised us. However, correct me if I’m wrong–mothers all over the world deserve this day as well as 364 other days of the year to be honored and celebrated for all they do. They birthed us, nurtured us and helped us grow into the people we are today. They love us more than we will ever know.

With that, Mother’s Day is literally right around the corner. While we find it tempting to throw up a “Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Brought to You by Yamron Jewelers”, we paused. Instead we are devoting this blog post showing you that Americans spare literally no expense when it comes to the most special ladies in their lives.

 Historical or Hallmark? 

While mom is more than a good enough reason to celebrate Mother’s Day, there’s more history to this holiday than one might think. Since the dawn of time we have been thankful for our mothers, but it took persistent activists to get national recognition.

The most clear precursor to Mother’s Day, is the Christian celebration of “Mothering Sunday.” In the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, Mothering Sunday fell on the fourth Sunday in Lent, where parishioners would return to their “mother” church.

The roots of the modern American Mother’s Day predate the Civil War. A woman by the name of Ann Reeves Jarvis first created “Mothers’ Day Work Clubs”. Groups of women were taught how to properly care for their children. It was not until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation recognizing Mother’s Day as a national holiday. We now celebrate our moms every second Sunday in May.

Breaking Records

Consumers say they will spend more than ever on Mother’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey. Average spending this year is up to $186.39 from last year’s average of $172.22. Total spending is expected to reach $23.6 billion. This is the highest number in the survey’s 14-year history, topping last year’s previous record of $21.4 billion.

Spending at this amount places Mother’s Day third on the list of largest retail holidays in the United States. Greeting card companies, florists, chocolatiers and other retail sectors take in billions–yes with a “B”–of dollars each year on this holiday.

Thanks to our friends at Money Tips, we have been able to break down for you some astonishing statistics on where and how we’re spending our billions of bucks this Mother’s Day –

Once you finish reading reading how the rest of the country is thanking their moms this Mother’s Day…don’t forget, we know a luxury jewelry store who might be able to help!




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