Encircled with legend, the seductive serpent is wound tight with the history of humanity. Renowned for the ability to hypnotise its prey, this skill is attributed to no other animal – the snake is famous for a means of seduction. Bulgari, master of the aesthetic, is known to possess this same power. Serpenti Seduttori designs ensnare the hypnotism in the gaze of a serpent, or of a beautiful woman – as her magnetic look can hold a power as incomparable as it is unconquerable.
Serpenti “Seduttori” necklace in white gold with 1 oval cabochon cut tanzanite (8.05 ct), 2 pear shaped emeralds (0.54 ct), 16 round brilliant cut diamonds and pavé diamonds (9.76 ct)


The clock struck a new millennium, and the world welcomed a spiraled Bulgari creation. A visionary ring celebrating eternity and modernity. The design merging the imposing grandeur of Rome’s great Colosseum, the most eternal of all monuments, with the strong lines of modern Italian design.


The new millennium has seen a radical change in Bulgari design. The brand’s distinctive creations, which from the beginning of the 1980s had been distinguished by their volume and rounded shapes and realised mainly in yellow gold, became more two-dimensional toward the end of the 1990s. The new style saw a return to white gold and platinum, in delicate and flexible open-work motifs, further reflecting contemporary design’s tendency to favour the use of chrome-coloured metals. The first collection showing these new characteristics was the linear and two-dimensional Lucea series dating to 2001. Every item was made up of tiny square and circular (often gem-studded) elements joined together to form a highly flexible, articulated, precious “textile” of sorts. In its flexible creations of the twenty-first century, Bulgari has nevertheless remained faithful to the traditional materials and techniques that are the hallmarks of its style: an original use of cabochon gemstones, yellow gold, an understated wearability for rare and precious stones, a predilection for sapphires and, last but not least, joyful colours achieved through the uninhibited use of both transparent and opaque gems of every imaginable kind.