It's Raining Diamonds in April

It’s Raining Diamonds in April

For those individuals fortunate to be born in April, their birthstone is the most prized gemstone of all. Lucky you, April Babies, diamonds truly are your best friend. Many tales, myths and legends wind their way around the eternal April birthstone, making it perhaps the most explored gemstone in the world.

History & Attributes of the Diamond

The first historical record of the diamond appeared in 2500 B.C. when the Chinese discovered how effective they were at sharpening weapons. By the fourth century B.C., these precious gemstones were traveling along Indian trade routes. By the first century A.D., diamonds were highly prized and worn by decorated Greeks and Romans.

Speaking of Ancient Greece, here is a fun fact for you. The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning invincible. Another fun fact? Diamonds are virtually fireproof! In order to be burned, they must be heated higher than 1,292 degrees Farenheit.

Scientific Make Up

While they possess many unique attributes, diamonds are the only gemstone comprised of one single mineral—carbon. Billions of years of this subterranean pressure and heat bonds those carbon molecules intensely, which result in the stone’s unique crystalline structure.

This precious stone comes second to none with unmatched brilliance, unbreakable hardness and lovely optical dispersion. Exquisite diamond jewelry is made by cutting and polishing the uncut raw stones into crystals. This creates an array of facets to increase their brilliance.

Color Wheel

Those most desired and rarest diamonds are traditionally colorless or white, although the stone can come in a wide range of colors including black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange and yellow. The color depends on the type of impurities that are present in the stone. Because they form from gases underground, it is rare for diamonds not to be cloudy or have a tint of yellow or brown.

Different levels of Nitrogen in the carbon structure can create yellow, brown, green and black stones, while small traces of Boron give the blue hues. Colorless diamonds are the cleanest and sparkle the most, which is what generally preferred. However, a strong tinted diamond with a even tint and good clarity is even more rare and also desirable. The planet’s most valued gemstones are fancy in color. Only one in 10,000 diamonds has a fancy color. Red, green, purple, and orange are generally the rarest, followed by pink and blue.

Alright April birthday boys & girls, back to you! Wearing diamonds brings a person balance, clarity, abundance and increases inner strength. The diamond is recognized as the “King of all Birthstones”, and we all know that the diamond is the symbol for eternal show yourself some eternal love—after all, this is your Birth Month!