Yamron Jewelers recently sat down with Nelson Lucero, the Vice President of Ulysse Nardin for a peak into the past, present and future of the iconic nautical watch brand. Nelson touches on the incredible history that stretches back to the mid 19th century, where Mr. Nardin was supplying navies of nearly 50 countries with precision chronometers. Fast forward more than a century and UN has received thousands of awards for most accurate and precise chronometers in the world. In 1983 Rolf Schnyder purchased Ulysse Nardin immediately partnering with watchmaker and scientist Dr. Ludwig Oechslin. Their intention was to create complications using the most innovative techniques and materials available. By 1989, UN had entered the Guinness Book of World Records for most functional time piece with the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei. From the late 1980’s to current day, UN has continued to push the envelope of innovation and craftsmanship.


When we asked Nelson what separates UN as world class horologists, the answer was quite simple, the use of silicium. 2001 marked the first time silicium (a self-lubricating synthetic oil) was introduced into a watch movement for “The Freak,” a revolutionary 7 day-tourbillon carousel watch that won 2002 watch of the year. As of the last year (2016), UN announced that the entire brand would only be producing fully in-house manufactured watches. “Having the ability to manufacture products in-house gives us full control from the design process all the way through finished goods, giving the consumer a superior product.” The term “in-house” for the laymen, simply means a company is vertically integrated throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.


What else can we see coming down the pipeline for UN? Well according to Nelson, the brand is looking to capture the mid to lower end of the market, all while maintaining that distinct Ulysse DNA and a very clear and concise message to the consumer. Take a look at some of the newer collection timepieces featured below.



Yamron and UN have a partnership that spans over 3 decades, in-fact, Yamron Jewelers was one of the very first retailers in the United States. Nelson concludes the interview discussing the vital role Yamron has played in the growth of Ulysse Nardin in the states. Each year Yamron and UN partner to create a unique luxury yacht experience for customers who look to enjoy boating, fine timepieces and good spirits. Stay tuned for the 2017/18 season as the team is working up their most unique experience yet. Bon Voyage!



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